Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


(Online Dating Newsletter) The featured video of the week for this week is an eHarmony spoof that features Lindsay Lohan with an eHarmony video profile. It’s pretty funny, especially since Lindsay really did it… Link to this video:

(Online Dating Newsletter) This is a very funny 50’s educational guide to dating that is very tongue in cheek. It follows two guys trying to get a date. One doing it the “right way” and the other doing it the “wrong way”. It’s over 9 minutes long, but entertaining from beginning to end… and don’t […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) We have a treat for you this time around – four videos instead of one! All four of these funny dating videos are part of the Mary Olson series and we’ve put the episodes in order. They follow the dating misadventures of a girl named Mary Olson and have the same style […]