Saturday, September 18th, 2021


(Online Dating Newsletter) Here’s a fun and creative date idea that creates a “feel good” mood. Plan the date for a Saturday morning.  The day before, cut (or print) out the section on garage sales from your local newspaper.  For this date, you and your partner will go to several garage sales. At each sale […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Take your date on a fun and filling trip around town with this creative date idea. Virtually all of us at children played musical chairs at one time or another, going from chair to chair until the music would stop. This date idea plays upon that concept but, instead of changing chairs, […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This creative date idea is a lot of fun, but it also takes quite a bit of initial preparation. First, you need to rent or purchase a prize wheel. Go to eBay and search “prize wheel” to find some you can buy. Now fill in the prize areas with creative date ideas. […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) If you live near a major lake, river, bay, or ocean (or are planning to visit an area with one), a boat cruise can be a fun and inventive date option. There are several types of boat cruises available in tourist areas that have a major river or lake as a focal […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) The following creative date idea was user-submitted by “tarzan” to the Online Dating Newsletter: This is one is kind of goofy, but cute, romantic, and exotic all at the same time. For this you will need to gather together various stuffed animals. Borrow them from someone you know who has kids or […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) One of the best resources for creative date ideas is right under your nose – local events. There are a couple of ways you can keep track of special events coming to your area. The first is to monitor Ticketmaster ( Check the listing of events by local venue. I do this […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) The great thing about planning a date to a science or discovery center is that the displays in these buildings are made to be “powered by your imagination”. Because these centers are interactive (and not competitive), it gives you the opportunity to get to know your date better and begin a bond […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) These days we all have a busy lifestyle and rely on technology to help us live life in the fast lane. This makes our creative date idea for this week one that may seem like a vacation – go on a date to an Amish village. The Amish are known for their […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) After you’ve dated someone for awhile, a great way to get to know them better is by taking a creative date to Borders book store. Once you get to Borders, the possibilities are endless: 1) Each of you select one of your favorite books and share something interesting from it with the […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) The concept behind doing creative dates is to experience something with your partner that is both special and memorable. Regular dates like movies and dinner are just that – regular dates.  But even on a regular date you can go the extra mile to make the experience more special. Take, for example, […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) There’s a new activity that is starting to grow in popularity – Aquarium Diving. Right now only a small handful of places offer it, but due to the mega success of it, more will be jumping on board soon. Aquarium diving is where you go to a large aquarium, take a short […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) When you were a kid you likely had a lot of fun whenever you had the chance to go to a video arcade. Most adults still have a side of them that likes to bring back the fun of childhood, which is one of the reasons that businesses like Dave & Busters […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Many states offer amphibious tours which can be a lot of fun for a creative date idea. An amphibious is a vehicle that can travel on both land and sea. Popular from past wars, many tour companies have now created amphibious vessels to provide joint land and water tours.  Many of these […]

(Online Dating Newsletter – Creative Date Idea) This is one of those “feel good” creative date ideas that will bring good karma your way and make another family feel appreciated.  When a family is in need, most will turn to a church for help. For this creative date, you’re going to be the help for […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Shows like How Stuff Works are popular because they take you inside the creation process showing you how everything from hot tubs to cotton candy are created from scratch. These creations take place in factories and every state has tons of factories that are manufacturing goods for the public. Many of these […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) If you want to share something truly spectacular with a person you are dating, then plan in advance for a “meteor shower” date. This is where you’ll select a night there are meteor showers and find the perfect spot to share them at as you lay on your backs, chat, and say […]

(Online Dating Newsletter Creative Dates) One thing that helps relationships grow is when you do creative things together and build memories together. This includes things that one person might normally do and not the other. Take, for example, cooking. Not everyone can cook (I’m the perfect example of that, having inherited that inability from my […]

(Online Dating Newsletter – Creative Date Ideas) Many cities have local performance groups that perform musicals, dance routines, or plays. For example, at Christmastime, many ballet groups will get together and do a local production of The Nutcracker. These type of events make for a great date, allowing you to enjoy a performance while supporting […]

(Online Dating Newsletter – Creative Date Ideas) Most communities have some sort of unique heritage or history. Yet many citizens within the community know little about it. Research the history of the city you live in and highlight landmarks. Then take your date on a historic tour of the city with you as the guide. […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Return to childhood for a day by going on a play date with your partner. For your play date you should select an activity that would typically be considered something for kids to enjoy and then go out and enjoy it yourself. In order for this date idea to work, you and […]