Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


Would Love to Meet You Speed Dating Music Video (Georgia Wonder)


(Online Dating Newsletter) Here is an interesting music video about speed dating.  It’s by Georgia Wonder and features her meeting 40 guys in five minutes and singing about the experience. The name of the music video is titled “Would Love to Meet You”…

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5 Responses to “Would Love to Meet You Speed Dating Music Video (Georgia Wonder)”
  1. Asti says:

    Hahaha … It’s like browsing profiles on the web, but this is live browsing :D
    And the belt was the “Next” button :)
    The girl was really screwed with the “bad profiles” :)

  2. presli says:

    Even though it was a little odd, the clip was kinda funny in a weird way :D Anyway i like this one more then the other video about ” speed dating “.
    I must say that the bell is pretty clever thought – if you don’t like someone just hit the bell and without any further explanation the guy knows that he has to leave :D
    P.S. I liked the song in this video too :P

  3. krm25 says:

    Funnnyyyyyyy. “So this video must be a parody to speed dating”. Ring the bell if you don’t like your date is a good idea and I must say that I saw this “feature” in a movie but I can’t remember the title.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Not a bad song but… It seems to be poking fun at the guys when to be honest if I sat down at a table and the person sitting across from me had that heart thing (hopefully only a temp tattoo) on her face I would be kinda freaked out.

  5. Sarah says:

    I laughed quite a bit at this one. It was funny to see all the different characters and to be honest if it was me, I would be angry by the fifth person that turns up like a clown or dressed in something ridiculous.

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