Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


Stand Up Comedy – Eufemia Fantetti on Love and Relationships


(Online Dating Newsletter) This stand up comedy routine by Eufemia Fantetti deals with love and relationships. You know it’s going to be different when she comes on stage wearing a wedding dress and it is. You’ll learn some interesting facts, like the #1 cause of divorce is… getting married! Enjoy this comedy routine…

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3 Responses to “Stand Up Comedy – Eufemia Fantetti on Love and Relationships”
  1. Rhonda says:

    When people ask me why I am not married I reply:

    “Marriage is an institution and I do not feel the need to be institutionalized right now.”

  2. presli says:

    Probably the fault is in me, but except the phrase “ike the #1 cause of divorce is… getting married ” i haven’t found anything interesting in it … it was actually boring and i don’t really get why people where laughing and applausing so much… probably it’s because they see the ” Applause ” sign so they do it, because they have to and not because they are actually enjoying it.

  3. Asti says:

    People are laughing because when someone says something stupid that makes no sense it is funny.
    It`s not the best comedy show but it`s good. I liked the part that married people are freaks :)

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