Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


Dating in the Dark an Interesting Experiment


(Online Dating Newsletter) The new TV series Dating in the Dark (ABC Monday nights) provides some interesting psychological insight into how people act when they get to know each other without seeing a picture first. In this case, single men and women are brought together in a dark room. Over a course of four days they get to know each other through the dark room and via email. However, it isn’t until the fourth day that a visual of the person is revealed. At that time, couples have to decide if they still want to date each other or not.

What’s interesting about the show is that it goes to the heart of the question, “do looks matter?” And this is one of the biggest questions in the online dating scene because many people don’t post a photo or they post one that is old.

In the premiere episode of Dating in the Dark we learned that women can be just as “shallow” as men when it comes to looks. We also learned that even when you don’t know what a person is like you still form a visual of that person which could be harmful later on.

In essence the show is a good reminder of the importance of always having an online dating photo (recent one too) with your profile.  If you don’t provide a photo then people will create an image in their mind of what you look like and chances of that image being the same as you are slim, which can throw things off balance.

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