Saturday, September 18th, 2021


Share a Meteor Shower – Creative Date Idea


(Online Dating Newsletter) If you want to share something truly spectacular with a person you are dating, then plan in advance for a “meteor shower” date. This is where you’ll select a night there are meteor showers and find the perfect spot to share them at as you lay on your backs, chat, and say “oooh, did you see that one?”

To make this date successful, there are three stages of planning you need to be concerned with:

1) What day the meteor shower will be. You can find a meteor shower schedule at and Your local news will also talk about meteor showers when the time nears.

2) The best place to view the meteor shower. You want a place where there is both seclusion and safety and preferably a place where there are no lights.

3) The weather. A cloudy day or rainy day are not condusive to this date.  The sky must be clear.

If the weather cooperates and you’ve taken care of #1 and #2 then it’s a go! Be sure to take things you may need (drinks, blankets, etc.) and plan to share the type of creative date that helps the bonding process.

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6 Responses to “Share a Meteor Shower – Creative Date Idea”
  1. Rhonda says:

    Any date that involves star gazing is a hit with me. I don’t do it often but there is something so calming and relaxing about watching the night sky. As a date it is nice because it is usually quite and you can have a real conversation with the person.

  2. Great idea! The next meteor shower worth viewing is the Lyrids in April and the Eta-Aquarids in May.

  3. Tenkeys says:

    It is so romantic just gazing into the sky and enjoying each others company; if there are no couples around that is. I might want to take an umbrella just in case it rains afterward. Good to be prudent.

  4. Right says:

    Wow…that is surely a very good suggestion. What better way to express your love and affection then throwing up a huge and grand display of natural fireworks in the sky!

    The idea looks to be an instant hit and one is bound to get lots of goodies for presenting an opportunity to witness a natural shower…up there in the sky! Your suggestion of dark but cloudless night is well worth noting too.

  5. KingQub3d says:

    Gread Idea! Nice steps you’ve got there, and i am sure i will be making up to the Lyrids in April or to Eta-Aquarids in May, see you all there, (well i will be with my date)

  6. Ken says:

    Thanks for sharing a creative and romantic dating idea!
    I am sure its a perfect environment for lovers/ daters to spend some happy moments which they would never forget in their life.
    By the way, I am getting prepared for April 21st/22nd.

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