Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s video features Donna Barnes talking about the benefits of online dating. Donna Barnes is a relationship coach and author of the ebook, “It’s All About You“. She’s also a relationship columnist for the South Beach News.

(Online Dating Newsletter) Online Dating Magazine has named June “Online Dating Safety Awareness Month” and will be conducting several campaigns throughout the month to make online daters more aware of the safety aspect. Online dating has become the most popular way to search for love and relationships and while high profile crime cases are rare, […]

(Online Dating Newsletter – You Make the Call) You’ve been communicating with someone for a month and there seems to be an attraction on both sides so you decide to meet the following week. The day before your date, the person emails you and says they’re sorry but they’ve found someone else online and won’t […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) These days we all have a busy lifestyle and rely on technology to help us live life in the fast lane. This makes our creative date idea for this week one that may seem like a vacation – go on a date to an Amish village. The Amish are known for their […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Below is eighth Clicking Together cartoon in our 20-part series. This comic strip shows why we need to go beyond the pictures when looking for someone to date online…

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s cartoon is titled “Dating R Us” and shows why you shouldn’t search for your perfect match on Google…

(Online Dating Newsletter) This is an amateur speed dating comedy sketch routine. It’s sometimes a little hard to hear (due to the crowd noise), but still funny…

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s featured links include a column on the secrets to successful dating, an editorial on judging books by their cover (also talks about Susan Boyle), how to create a love stimulus plan, and links to the 12-part series, Sheila’s Dating Adventure. Enjoy… > Secrets to Successful Dating (Online Dating Magazine) > […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) A major newspaper  is doing a story on people who have had bad experiences with an online dating service. It’s not about bad online dates, but rather bad experiences with the actual services that match you. The newspaper is looking for online daters who either: 1) Have participated in a lawsuit against […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) eHarmony’s popular Free Communication Weekend is back for May 2009.  From May 22 through May 25, anyone with an eHarmony account (whether a paid member or not) will be able to communicate with their matches for free.  To participate: 1) Sign up at so that you start getting matches. 2) Starting […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) is hold a free communication weekend that is going on now. The free communication weekend started yesterday (Friday) and will continue through tomorrow, May 17.  Like eHarmony, is an online relationship service, focused more on people serious about finding love versus those just seeking casual dates. The service uses a […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) After you’ve dated someone for awhile, a great way to get to know them better is by taking a creative date to Borders book store. Once you get to Borders, the possibilities are endless: 1) Each of you select one of your favorite books and share something interesting from it with the […]

(Online Dating Newsletter – You Make the Call) You’re on a first date with someone you met online. While talking about the economy, your date tells you that they had to recently move back in with their parents to save money. What would you say to that and more importantly, would it affect the way […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) A new survey of singles, dating, and the economy have found that with the recession, dating habits are changing. People are more likely now to date someone who doesn’t have a job or someone who is living with their parents. The survey, conducted by Zoosk, found: > 78% of singles would date […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) According to Online Dating Magazine, up to 30% of people that use online dating services are married. Stats like these are stunning and create an interest in the news world. Right now a major media outlet is doing a story on online dating and it’s attraction to married people. They are looking […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s featured online dating links include an interview with an online dater, what to do when an ex is trying to “out” or “expose” you, the complications of dating, and an update to the Online Dating Commercials Website (part of the Online Dating Magazine network of sites)… > Interview with an […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s comic strip (Clicking Together #7 of 20) is called “Social Life and Basketball”. It relates how becoming good at basketball can improve the number of dates you get…

(Online Dating Newsletter) There’s nothing like a great dinner. But when it comes to being the time to pay, some people don’t know what to do. That’s not this case in this week’s dating cartoon. For a related post on the same subject of this cartoon, click here.

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s featured dating video is an animation done as part of a University project, called “Dating Rituals of  a Frog”. Of particular interest in the video is how frogs speed date…

(Online Dating Newsletter) A study by the Taiwanese Criminal Investigation Bureau has found that women in their 20s and 30s are the biggest target for online dating fraud. While its important for all men and women to be aware of online dating fraud (Online Dating Magazine is about to do a major series on this […]