Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


(April 1, 2012) Online Dating Magazine has two interesting news stories up today dealing with and eHarmony. You may want to check them out: > eHarmony Names Debbie Purtell as New Spokesperson You may remember her. She is the one that did that “eHarmony video profile” last year that received more then 20 million […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) For whatever psychological reason, people are attracted to a man or woman that is a bit mysterious. Perhaps it’s the challenge of finding out what the person is all about or perhaps its the knowledge that there’s more about the person to uncover. Whatever the reason, you can make this work for […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Here’s a fun and creative date idea that creates a “feel good” mood. Plan the date for a Saturday morning.  The day before, cut (or print) out the section on garage sales from your local newspaper.  For this date, you and your partner will go to several garage sales. At each sale […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) The new TV series Dating in the Dark (ABC Monday nights) provides some interesting psychological insight into how people act when they get to know each other without seeing a picture first. In this case, single men and women are brought together in a dark room. Over a course of four days […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Welcome to Online Dating Newsletter’s newest weekly feature, “Question of the Week”. This feature replaces our older You Make the Call section, which has been retired. In this new section, every week we’ll ask a direct question. Use the Comments section below to share your opinion. The person who we deem provided […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) There are a lot of good articles for you in this week’s batch of links. This week includes everything from how to improve your Relationship IQ to first date nightmares, and how to cope after the breakup. There’s also information on the ABC series Dating in the Dark and a recap for […]

(Online Dating Newsletters) Most wedding processionals are very traditional. Wedding music plays and the groomsmen and bridesmaid enter, walking slowly down the isle. Then Here Comes the Bride plays and the bride slowly makes here way down the isle. One of this week’s most popular YouTube videos is a couple who turned the concept of […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Today’s Clicking Together comic strip (#10 of 20) is called “Dating Bikers” and shows how easy it is to misread someone’s online dating profile…

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s cartoon is titled “Looking for a Man” and shows what happens when a shallow person tries to act like she isn’t shallow when it comes to love and money…

(Online Dating Newsletter) Take your date on a fun and filling trip around town with this creative date idea. Virtually all of us at children played musical chairs at one time or another, going from chair to chair until the music would stop. This date idea plays upon that concept but, instead of changing chairs, […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This creative date idea is a lot of fun, but it also takes quite a bit of initial preparation. First, you need to rent or purchase a prize wheel. Go to eBay and search “prize wheel” to find some you can buy. Now fill in the prize areas with creative date ideas. […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) If you live near a major lake, river, bay, or ocean (or are planning to visit an area with one), a boat cruise can be a fun and inventive date option. There are several types of boat cruises available in tourist areas that have a major river or lake as a focal […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) The following creative date idea was user-submitted by “tarzan” to the Online Dating Newsletter: This is one is kind of goofy, but cute, romantic, and exotic all at the same time. For this you will need to gather together various stuffed animals. Borrow them from someone you know who has kids or […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) One of the best resources for creative date ideas is right under your nose – local events. There are a couple of ways you can keep track of special events coming to your area. The first is to monitor Ticketmaster ( Check the listing of events by local venue. I do this […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Airline company Air New Zealand is trying its hand at mixing online dating with airline dating. The company has announced that on October 13, 2009, it will hold a “matchmaking flight” that travels from Los Angeles to New Zealand with the hopes of matching singles. Single Americans can be matched with single […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) The great thing about planning a date to a science or discovery center is that the displays in these buildings are made to be “powered by your imagination”. Because these centers are interactive (and not competitive), it gives you the opportunity to get to know your date better and begin a bond […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s You Make the Call section is a little different as it is “You Make the Question”. The You Make the Call section presents an online dating scenario to gauge how online daters would respond to it. You can see the complete archive of questions here. What we want to know […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) We have more links than usual this time around. If you run an online dating site, you’ll want to check out the first link on new online dating advertising packages. If you’re an online dater be sure to see the articles on the 10 Commandements of Onilne Dating, How to Turn a […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s Clicking Together comic strip is titled “Animal in Bed” and shows how online dating profiles can sometimes be misunderstood. This is comic strip #9 of 20 in our Clicking Together series…

(Online Dating Newsletter) This week’s featured cartoon is titled, “Hard to Please” and features a woman who has a Good Date button and Bad Date button, one with a trap door underneath it and one button that doesn’t work…