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Creative Date Idea – The Jungle Date


(Online Dating Newsletter) The following creative date idea was user-submitted by “tarzan” to the Online Dating Newsletter:

This is one is kind of goofy, but cute, romantic, and exotic all at the same time. For this you will need to gather together various stuffed animals. Borrow them from someone you know who has kids or from a younger sibling. Alternatively, go and buy them. Set the stuffed animals up in the yard around your picnic area. Get some fruits such as grapes and strawberries so you can treat your significant other as a jungle king/queen by feeding them. Have a fruity non-alcoholic wine available to quench your thirst. Have your picnic area under the shade for those hot humid days. Now for the fun part; make a grass skirt or dress up as some jungle native and have your partner do the same.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – – originally published on May 4, 2005)

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