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Outdated Online Dating Photo


You’ve been talking with someone via online dating for a few months and finally decide to meet in person. When you first see your date, he/she looks about 10 years  older that their picture. What would you do?

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11 Responses to “Outdated Online Dating Photo”
  1. Allan says:

    If I went on a date and the person’s photo was off by 10 years, I would not stay. I would say, “I’m sorry, but because you lied about your photo, I’m not sure what else you are lying about” and then leave. It may sound harsh, but those who continue with the date are just encouraging the lie.

  2. E J says:

    It would be rude to just leave. Finish the date, see if you have a connection, then forgive or get out. It’s that simple.

  3. Susan S says:

    This is a touchy subject because you want to get the point across that what they did was wrong without offending them. Someone said they would just leave. I think that’s offensive. I think staying, but saying nothing, only encourages the person to keep lying. I would either bring it up during the date by first asking when the photo they posted was taken or I would send an email once the date was over. But I would not go on another date with the person because deception in a relationship is never good.

  4. Barbara says:

    This actually happened to me once. The guy’s online photo showed a young stud muffin that was to die for, yet when we finally met he was an old geezer with a beer gut. The photo was 20 years old lol. I couldn’t do anything but laugh when I saw him. I literally did start laughing and he did too. He knew what he’d done and we both laughed even harder when I said, “My goodness you have aged well overnight”. We dated a few times and ended up being great friends but there was absolutely no chemistry.

  5. Noel says:

    LOL! I’ll go through with the date and just try to enjoy it for what it is – two people meeting for the first time. Just because they’re not as young as you thought they were doesn’t mean you’re not going to like each other – even just as friends.

  6. Clare says:

    I think its quite a comical situation and really goes to show how people are desperate to find that special someone. One thing that we all forget is that looks dont matter as much , it is a lot better to have a piece of mutton instead of lamb when the heart behind the mutton is made of gold !

  7. Krish says:

    I am sure it would be really frustrating in such a circumstance. I would continue with the date but would definitely inform her that by posting an old photo, she had created a great expectation as well as a great disappointment in my mind.

  8. Julie says:

    I wouldn’t leave as that is extremely rude. Who knows what the guy had been though. Extreme stress situations (like divoce) do cause hair to fall out and weight gain. I would ask him at some point of the conversation how old the picture was. If he had no good explaination or it was indeed old, I would tell him that good relationships can only be built on honesty. Even if he was intelligent and I would have normally found him attractive, I wouldn’t give him another date.

  9. Kim says:

    I would be mad, so I probably wouldn’t be very nice about it. That is pretty dishonest of them to do. I would tell them that I was expecting someone else and that I had to go find the person in the picture.

  10. Tenkeys says:

    I would humor my date by saying “Excuse me, are you my date? I was expecting Tom Cruise, but Clint Eastwood came?” Hopefully my date will get the indication of the disparity of appearance in the photograph. Then I would wait for my date’s response if he says something about it. I’d still continue the first date, but maybe not subsequent dates with him.

  11. Right says:

    There are so many pretensions going on in the online dating world that I wouldn’t mind if the picture is 10 years older and the person has not changed way too much.

    One has to be practical in understanding that people try to make themselves more presentable and some people do go overboard in doing the same. If the person is good at heart, I will still continue with the relationship. A heart matters to me more than the face and the appearance.

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