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Online Date Still Lives with Parents


(Online Dating Newsletter – You Make the Call) You’re on a first date with someone you met online. While talking about the economy, your date tells you that they had to recently move back in with their parents to save money. What would you say to that and more importantly, would it affect the way you felt about the overall date?

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4 Responses to “Online Date Still Lives with Parents”
  1. Ashley says:

    I have had to do this. I see nothing wrong with this, and others shouldn’t either. It is neccessary in these tough times.

  2. Gayle says:

    It would depend on the situation. I’m unemployed myself and don’t a support system, so I’m supporting two kids on my own without any help from the once other half. Given the fact that I consider him the consummate loser and golddigger who not only used me emotionally, spiritually and financially, I would be very cautious of anyone right now. I think the best thing to do is to take each situation as it comes up and evaluate it. If this person has gone back to school (grad school for myself) and is genuinely ambitious, I would still proceed with caution. All of the signs were there for me in the previous relationship, but not until after six months and by that time, I had married him which was a big mistake. You don’t know anyone really well for at least that length of time. I had a great job, he moved in with me and we got married. He immediately quit his job and expected me to support him. Compounding the issue was a substance abuse problem that still exists to this day. Other than the two beautiful children I got out of the relationship, I want nothing to do with this man. Yet, I still believe in committed relationships and marriage. Just not sure how I would proceed right now and I do know that I would be extremely cautious. I’m also an older mom who has had the big fancy wedding and the biological clock is done ticking and I feel that is truly an advantage. That and the fact that most guys want a gal with a Pamela Anderson bod (even though they are short, fat and bald themselves), or a gal with Oprah’s money (the better to support them with), a mother for their bratty kids (no thanks, I have two of my own!) or a caregiver/nurse for their aging parents (mine are deceased and I’ve had my turn with the elderly). Yeah, this may sound bitter and I can freely admit that my trust in men is practically zero right now. However, one of these days I truly believe that my ship will come in and I will finally meet a genuinely nice guy. There are so few of them out there at my age. And yes, I do have a decent bod, a nice investment portfolio, two great kids and zero meddling relatives. I’m just being selfish and not willing to share as I have not met anyone who I feel is worthy of my time. Once bitten, twice shy!

  3. Allan says:

    Bad economy or not, living with your parents show your inability to provide. Before dating, your first priority should be to create a stable living situation for yourself.

  4. April says:

    i would ask my date how he felt about living with his parents and if he gave a confident answer then I would be more likely to go on another date with him. But if he hohums around and doesn’t show any initiative then that would be our first and last date.

  5. Nancy says:

    I think it all depends on the situation. If this person had an unpreventable circumstance such as losing their job etc., I would think it would be reasonable. If they didn’t have any reason other than being immature and unable to support themselves because of the inability to manage money, then that is a huge red flag. It would also be a major issue if this person had a decent paying job.

    I have a family member like this. She works in the medical field and has a decent income yet she cannot manage money and lives lower than someone working at a fast food restaurant. She has two kids neither have a father in the picture, and lives in her parents’ basement. I doubt any man will want that much baggage. This is the reason she cannot maintain a relationship. No man wants a woman who cannot manage money or support herself on a good income. She would drag him down and he knows it.

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