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Date Ignores Homeless Man


(Online Dating Newsletter – You Make the Call) You meet your online date (first date) at a coffee place where the date goes well. As you exit, a person with a homeless sign asks if you can spare some money for food. Your date ignores him, but says to you, “unfortunately you don’t know which ones are faking it and which ones aren’t”. What do you do? Give the guy some money? Agree with the comment? Make a comment of your own? You make the call.

Use the comments section below to say what you would do in this situation. One comment will be chosen as the “best answer” by the newsletter team and that comment will be featured in the next issue of the Online Dating Newsletter and the person will win $5 payable via PayPal. Comment below:

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5 Responses to “Date Ignores Homeless Man”
  1. Atreyu says:

    This actually depends on many factors:

    I have money to spare for both my date, the homeless person and me: On this scenario I would give money to the homeless person. Never give away or lend money if you don’t have enough for your date and you. If you have enough money for your date but not for you then I assume I don’t need to explain what I would do. :)

  2. Ashley says:

    Unfortunatly, this is true. Hopefully he didn’t say it within earshot of the guy but you too have your suspicions. I would give the guy change if I had it, i would also give my doggie bag to him. I always have one when exiting eating establishments. I would also try and see if my date would give him money just this once. Being homeless is not right, and if your out begging for even a penny, you really do need it no matter what it;s for.

  3. Rhonda says:

    My date’s response wouldn’t affect me either way, I would make a judgment call based on my gut feeling about the homeless person before me. I do give money to some and not to others. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, it is subjective to that particular instance. If the person requesting the money smells like booze or is aggressive I would be less likely to give them money.

  4. Faraz says:

    I agree that you don`t know who is faking being homeless or not…. On a date if I had enough money for me and my date then I’d definitely give something to the homeless man just to impress my date. You never know which thing she might like.

  5. wilkinson says:

    If the guy is faking it then you really have to hand it to him. It takes a shameless money maker to dress up in rags and beg on the street, when he really is not a bum. I would hook him up either way, share and share alike is the call

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