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Bad Date – How Do You End It?


(Online Dating Newsletter – You Make the Call) You didn’t have a good time on your first date with someone you met online, but the person you went out with seemed to really enjoy the date and is really interested in you. The date is now ending and you’re saying bye. Are you going to say something? Ignore all future online communications from the person? What will you do?

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11 Responses to “Bad Date – How Do You End It?”
  1. Tommy says:

    For me, i would just end it nicely and let her know how it went. If i was in that position i would be a little embarrassed to tell her straight up that you don’t like her. I would just let her know over the phone or some other way that doesn’t stress you as much.

  2. Kim says:

    I don’t think that I would say anything at the end of the date. I tend to be very polite so I would probably chat a few more times and then lit it fizzle out on its own. I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I’ve never really had that happen but if I had to guess how I would end it… I would probably say that I realized I wasn’t over one of my ex’s yet and needed to wait a little while longer before dating anyone else.

  4. Ashley says:

    Life is too short to make someone else happy. You need to look out for number 1, and end the romantic end of the relationship. If you still you guys as friends, and the other persone can deal with that, that’s fine.

  5. Kathryn Lord says:

    Letting a possible relationship fizzle or simply dropping communication with no explanation says something about you — it sounds cowardly. If you are going to “play the game,” i. e. date, you should develop the skills to go with it. It is not polite to do or say nothing and let your date wonder what happened. Particularly with Internet dating where abundance is the name of the game — there are plenty of possibilities out there and the job is to find the best match — it is courteous and kind to inform your date directly of your continuing interest or the lack of it. That frees you both to go looking elsewhere, and gives you the added credit of being forthright and honest.

  6. presli says:

    I haven’t dated much online ( just a couple of times ), but all my first dates ended very nice. I think that the key is to have a long enought online relationship with the person and get to know him better and then go to an actual date. Anyway if i ever have a bad ending on any of my future online first dates i would most likly be polite and say nothing which could hurt her feelings in any possible way, because i am normally a very kind to all the girls i meet and then probably give it another chance on a second date to see how it goes – this time it might be better :P And of course if the other person don’t likes you either you should end it as soon as possible.

  7. Asti says:

    Well it depends how bad the date is …
    If the date is really bad … Well I would tell the girl directly that the date was bad and obviously we are not meant to be together … or something like that, because it`s not good to leave someone with hope when there isn`t any …
    Or if the date is just bad … not as bad as possible … the date will end nicely and maybe there is gonna be another date … like a second chance for future relationships

  8. Lori says:

    This is one dating situation where honesty is going to be your best bet. You need to simply gauge the expression of the other person. If an inviting gesture or reference is made to the second date than it is time to swoop in as Mr. or Ms. Honesty. Explain to the person that you had a great time but you don’t feel there is chemistry enough to become a couple.

    This person will thank you, if you are polite, rather than endlessly calling you days later.

  9. Ken says:

    I would certainly not reveal my disappointment on the dating experience. I would try to depart in a polite manner and then inform her clearly in an email so that she doesnt builds up unwanted expectations.

  10. Right says:

    Since the other person really enjoyed the date, I would not ruin her happiness by being upfront about my feelings.

    I would be just normal but I guess, my body language would easily give her a tell-tale signs about my own mood. Even then, I would let her have her share of happiness and would not be rude enough to cut it short.

    Perhaps, the following day, a phone call with a polite NO would be an ideal action from me….

  11. wilkinson says:

    Agreed with right. However you wouldn’t want to lead them on a romance wild goose chase to nowhere by avoiding them while still appearing interested. There is always the option of lying to them if they want another date by saying you have found someone else or gotten back with your ex. This would be a softer call than telling them straight up your not interested

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