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Chemistry via Email but Not on Phone


(Online Dating Newsletter – You Make the Call) You’ve established great chemistry via email with someone on an online dating service. But when the first phone call takes, place it’s a complete opposite experience… dead space and no chemistry. What do you do?

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8 Responses to “Chemistry via Email but Not on Phone”
  1. Allan says:

    In my case, having good chemistry online but not on the phone would not change my plans for meeting the person. The fact remains that you don’t yet know what type of chemistry you have face-to-face and you won’t know until you go on a date. I’ve had chemistry online and not in person and the other way around. It’s strange the way it all works.

  2. Barbara says:

    I would try a few more calls before meeting in person. It could be a lack of chemistry, or it could be that both are just being shy. If the chemistry is still missing after four or five phone calls, I would call the whole thing off.

  3. Noel says:

    First conversations are always awkward. I’ll still give it a shot. I think “instant chemistry” is overrated anyway. Once you get comfortable with each other (via several phone calls or a couple of face-to-face meetings), that’s when the real fun usually starts.

  4. falguni1 says:

    In such cases cases when there is no chemistry on phone people often doubt that is this the same person who wrote the emails. So what really matters in real life is the chemistry on phone not emails.

  5. Ashley says:

    This happens to me all the time because I hate small talk on the phone. I just say what I need to say and that’s it. In person is a different story thought, so I just tell them that i hate talking on the phone and would rather talk in person. That answer makes the person feel like you want to get to know them better and it makes you look interested.

  6. Krish says:

    I would say email is a one-way communication as we wait for some time to receive a reply from the receiver. But speaking over the phone is interactive and it is common for many of us to feel shy, if we are speaking with a new person (date). I am sure that we could establish a good chemistry after a couple of phone calls.

  7. Kim says:

    I would probably try one more phone call to see if it was just a bad day. Maybe they had a rough day at work, or were tired. But, if the chemistry isn’t there on the first or second call…I’d figure it wouldn’t be there in person either.

  8. Lori says:

    It is important to explain the situation, because chances are that you are both feeling the freeze. When it comes to email, it is easy to be witty and charming, but over the phone some peoplejust tend to get nervous. So, what’s with the silence, is it nerves?

    I suggest giving it some time to get over the nervest that can come with the first phone call. Never hang up abruptly and avid contact!

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