Thursday, October 22nd, 2020


(Online Dating Newsletter) Stargazing can be very romantic, but what if you live in a big city full of lights or the weather is cloudy and you can’t see the beautiful night sky? If you can’t get away to a secluded clear-skied area, take your date to a show at the planetarium. The two of […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Imagine literally whisking your date off her/his feet by surprising them with a helicopter tour of your city or local landmark. A helicopter ride can be an exciting adventure for you and your date to share. While they tend to be on the expensive side, it may be worth it to take […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Going to the movie theater to watch a film is a common enjoyable date activity, but why not add some creativity to the common idea of a movie date? Create a movie theater right in your own living room as a fun and pleasant surprise for your partner! Here’s how: Prepare your […]

(Online Dating Newsletter Creative Date Ideas) This week our creative date idea is a Karma Night Out. As you are likely aware, karma is the concept that if you do good things for others then good things will happen to you. And if you do bad things to others then bad things will happen to […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) This is a creative date idea for after your first couple of dates. This one will require that you either rent or own a Nintendo Wii system. When you buy a Nintendo Wii system, it comes with Wii Sports and several fun and addicting games like Bowling and Tennis. Now for those […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) One of the most thrilling and creative dates you can go on is a glider ride. Glider rides, offered in most states, are a high-soaring adventure that starts with a plane towing your glider (which has a pilot) high into the air and letting it go to glide across the skies. This […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Like the sun, the moon also sets in the West. If you happen to be in the right place, on the right day, and at the right time then you and your date can watch the moon slowly set. Seeing the moon set amongs a backdrop of the ocean or mountains is […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Miniature golf is a fun game for people of all ages. And the more original and themed the golf course is, the more fun it can be. But if you’re planning a “creative date” that involves miniature golf, you’ll want to take the game to the next level so that it becomes […]

A lot of bowling alleys, in a quest to attract more customers, are offering a “neon bowling night” where the use of black lights and specially colored pins and bowling balls (that react to the blacklight) add a new element to the entire bowling experience. Because this is a unique concept in bowling, it makes […]

Most people love surprises and one of the ultimate surprises you can give your partner is a well-planned secret date. With a surprise date, your partner knows only the day and time the date will take place and no other details. To make the date one to be remembered, try to plan it around something […]

Plan a late night trip to the beach with your date. In advance, go to a party store and buy a couple of glow sticks. When you arrive at the beach, present your partner with one of the glow sticks, light them up and have fun! You’ll find that throwing the glow sticks to/at each […]