Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


(Online Dating Newsletter) Patti Novak is a popular matchmaker in Buffalo, New York and the star of the former TV series, Confessions of a Matchmaker. She’s also written a new book titled “Get Over Yourself!: How to Get Real, Get Serious, and Get Ready to Find True Love. Here are some of Patti’s Dating Tips […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) In December 2008 we published some first date tips from matchmaker Patti Novak. This time around we have some more dating tips from Patti Novak specifically for men: > Make an effort to clean yourself up—it shows that you care about the date. Be sure to shave that day. Don’t wear wrinkled […]

(Online Dating Newsletter) Patti Novak is the acclaimed matchmaker from the former Confessions of a Matchmaker TV series. Online Dating Magazine is interviewing her so that readers can gain more valuable advice and insight. While waiting for the interview to be completed and published, here are some of Patti Novak’s First Date Tips: 1) On […]