Tuesday, October 19th, 2021


Clicking Together – Comic Strip #2 of 20


(Online Dating Newsletter Fun Zone) This is the second Clicking Together comic strip from our 20-part series. The comic strip follows the online adventures of characters who are looking for love. This one is titled, “Hair Falling Out!”


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3 Responses to “Clicking Together – Comic Strip #2 of 20”
  1. greensmyle says:

    Lol, funny…but why would a man be concern with his hair loss? Does it mean if he gets bald he won’t be getting dates anymore? Women would probably take a well made bald man over some hairy junkie who does nothing but be a loser his whole life.

  2. Rhonda says:

    It is rather amusing to consider that some men marry quickly because they want to get a partner while they still can. I doubt most men think this way though. Still it raises an interesting point.

  3. Atreyu says:

    Indeed, it’s amusing that some people think that things such as hair loss will prevent them from getting a date on the future. The personality is obviously more important than the physical aspect.

    The physical aspect helps though.

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