Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


A’La Amour


(Online Dating Newsletter) This video is titled A’La Amour and it follows the adventures of a guy trying to get to know different girls and the pain his adventures bring him. Will he ever find true love? This video is quite different to say the least. Here is A’La Amour

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3 Responses to “A’La Amour”
  1. presli says:

    This is not the first time i’ve seen this movie,but i laught at it every time i see it, i even had it as a link on my skype ( messanger ) so all my friends could watch it, because this is pretty much part of the truth about a lot of girls those days. I have noticed, that especially in my own country almost all of the young and beatiful girls at age 18-23 are dating with older, but really rich men. That’s sad for them – selling themselves. The worst of all is that even younger girls like 14-15 years old are thinking that the only way to have a good life when they grow up is for them to be really beutiful,so they could get married for a rich guy, who would most likly be at the age of their fathers, or even their grandfathers …

  2. Asti says:

    LOL the girl was really brutal.
    The sad part is that is all true. The girls that are pretty do not go on a date because they like someone … they do it only if the guy has a lot of money, drives a nice car… It`s not important if you like him, it`s important that he is riding a nice car , it`s important if he buys expensive stuff for the girl …
    It`s really sad that it is all about materialism.

  3. Sarah says:

    I guess this video can be taken in many different ways. I see it as someone trying to compliment them on the right things etc. It may be the women that he approaches are only the gold diggers. It’s a sad fact, but men often aim for women out of their reach. Never do they see, the ones closest to home that would be the perfect partner.

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