Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


Mr. Bean on a Date


(Online Dating Newsletter) Several weeks ago we posted Mr. Bean’s Guide to Dating.  This video is another Mr. Bean video. It’s a funny sketch of Mr. Bean on a date. It’s also a good reminder that in the early stages of dating it’s probably not a good idea to take your date to a horror movie…

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4 Responses to “Mr. Bean on a Date”
  1. Barbara says:

    OMG I have not laughed so hard in ages! I have always loved Mr. Bean, and this video really is great! It’s refreshing to see a site that provides dating humor to offset all of the seriousness.

  2. falguni1 says:

    I have seen this so many times on tv. It is so hilarious. Also dont take your date to Bungee jumping or adventure sports.

  3. Krish says:

    lol, that was so funny. If I plan to take my date for a movie – I would definitely not choose a Horror Movie. I would rather choose “romance” or “comedy” genre for a safe play!

  4. Rhonda says:

    I would have gotten up and left as soon as he put the things up his nose. That woman needs to find her self respect!

    Funny clip though I am not a big Mr. Bean fan.

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