Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


The Dating (Mis)Adventures of Mary Olson


(Online Dating Newsletter) We have a treat for you this time around – four videos instead of one! All four of these funny dating videos are part of the Mary Olson series and we’ve put the episodes in order. They follow the dating misadventures of a girl named Mary Olson and have the same style as “The Office”. The result is a humorous series about life, love, dating, and the pursuit of self-improvement. Mary always has a way of misreading things and many times making them worse… Here is the four part funny dating video series: The (Mis)Adventures of Mary Olson

Part One – Mary Olson: Girl’s Night Out

Part Two – Mary Olson: Dating Without Desperation

Part Three – Mary Olson: First Impression

Part Four – Mary Olson: Dating and Exercise

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One Response to “The Dating (Mis)Adventures of Mary Olson”
  1. Sarah says:

    Okay… I am not sure how to take these videos. It’s annoying, the main actress, but realistically also very sad. I guess the point of these videos is that as a female you could be doing all this or all these annoying things to find men, but realistically you need to improve your own manners and yourself first before any man will take notice of you.

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