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Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile


(Online Dating Newsletter) With Spring well underway, and the popular Summer online dating season about to begin, now is the perfect time to give your online dating profile a complete Spring cleaning. As online dating profiles sit unchanged, they become stale and the number of people viewing them drops. Thus it is important that every fiew months you do a complete overhaul of your profile to bring it up to date and make it more fresh and appealing. Here are some specific things that you can do:

1) Update your photos. Your photos should never be more than a few months old.  Have new pictures taken. One should be a shoulder up shot and the rest should be interesting and fun. At least one should be a full body shot. Change out all your photos, not just a few. Try something new too. One of the photos I once used that brought me the most responses ever was taken at Universal Studios in Hollywood at the Animal Planet show. It was a picture of me with an orangutan. The photo became a conversation peice and an easy way for someone emailing me to break the ice. Don’t let all your photos be boring poses. Be a little creative.  In one of your photos you should also wear the same outfit you might wear to a first date. This makes it easier, on a date, for the person to associate the accuracy of you and your photo.

2) Update your header. The majority of online dating services have header messages that are supposed to grab the attention of someone and get them to click. If yours has been up more than a month, it is time to change it to something more creative and fresh. Avoid things like “you may be the one” as headers like those are often overused. Avoid things that are negative.  If you need some brainstorming ideas, visit Online Dating Magazines Top 10 Lists page and view the Top 10 most clever and funniest header posts.

3) Review your stats. Review your stats like weight, height, income,  etc. and make sure they are accurate and honest. Don’t lie about anything in your profile as it will hurt your chances at finding true love. People who find out someone has lied on their online dating profile wonder what else they will lie about in a potential relationship. It’s a turnoff. Make sure all your stats are 100% honest.

4) Update your essay. Update your essay that talks about you and who you are looking for. Go through it and make sure there isn’t anythiing negative in it. Remove words like “lonely” “can’t” and “hate”. Avoid negativity at all costs because people are not attracted to negative people or negative images. You should strive in yoru profile and your life to be a positive and uplifting person. That’s the type of person people like to hang around.  Also, make sure that your profile doesn’t dwell on you. Men, women are turned off by men who talk about their possessions.

5) Consider changing services. If the online dating service you are on hasn’t been getting you the results you desire, try a different one. Men generally have more success on relationship services like eHarmony and because there are more women than men on those services. Women generally get a lot more responses from general online dating services like and LavaLife because men heavily outnumber women.

Also, monitor yourself to make sure you’re not becoming addicted to online dating.  Give every date a fair shake. Sometimes you can become so addicted to the process of dating that you don’t move any of your dates into a potential “relationship” category. Also, people addicted to online dating rarely remove their profile (even while in a relationship) and dart back to online dating at the first sign of trouble in a relationship. Agree to schedule only one date at a time and to work towards making your date a success. If you like the person, keep dating them instead of moving on to the next one so quickly. Good luck!

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3 Responses to “Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile”
  1. jesse says:

    I agree with you about eharmony and If you’re a guy, the odds are in your favor on these sites. If you are a girl then any other dating site will get you a ruthless amount of responses

  2. Rhonda says:

    Spring cleaning your dating profile is a very good tip. There are lots of people who write their profile and then never touch it again. Adding new content shows you are active at the site and have things going on in your life.

  3. Faraz says:

    The tips really work, especially updating the profile pics. It grab the attention of others. I agree with Rhonda that many people make their profile and never make any changes to them. For getting peoples attention, updating your profile is must.

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