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Three Online Dating Precautions for Newbies


(Online Dating Newsletter) According to Online Dating Magazine, more than 20 million people use online dating services every month. The industry is at an all-time high as far as growth. As more of the public sees the success of their friends and family, they become more open to using technology to help in the search for love. With that in mind, here are three things that those new to online dating should be aware of:

1. Not Getting a Response is the Norm
It’s exciting to send out your first communications to people you find on an online dating service. You send out a couple of emails and anxiously await a response. And you wait… and wait… and wait…

According to Online Dating Magazine, the ratio of emails you send to responses you receive is 20 to 1. So if you don’t have success at first, don’t give up.  You can increase the ratio with a few easy steps:

Step 1: Only email people whose status is “online now”. This prevents your emails from going to people who may no longer be using the service, but still have a profile up.

Step 2: Make it personal.  In your first communication, ask some questions based on what the person wrote in his/her profile. It lets them know you actually read the profile.

Step 3: Don’t talk about yourself.  The person will read your profile if they are interested in you. Reading an email where the other person goes on talking about themselves is a turnoff.

2. Being Negative is Depressing
Saying you’re lonely in your profile or you hate “this and that” is a turnoff. People are tired of depressing news, especially in today’s economy. Make your profile positive, fun, and interesting. People have an attraction to those who are positive, so do what it takes to turn your profile (and your life) into a positive experience.  Read books on being positive and practice the art of Karma. People will be drawn to you.

3. Avoid Lies but Expect Them
If there’s one drawback to online dating it is the realization, after doing it for awhile, that what you see isn’t always what you get.  Research shows that the majority of online daters tell little white lies in their profiles. The top 3? Weight, photos, and income.  Practice being honest in your profile and realize when browsing profiles that because people can project an online persona, that persona may be better than the actual person. Don’t go on a second date with someone who has lied to you because if they lie in their profile then they will be prone to lying about other things to you in real life.

Online dating remains the best way to meet a potential soulmate. Enjoy the process and be careful that you don’t become addicted to online dating. Give the people you meet a fair chance. The “grass is greener” mentality could end up keeping you from the “perfect” relationship.

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8 Responses to “Three Online Dating Precautions for Newbies”
  1. Meniac says:

    Great post.
    Anyway, another great factor is the “First Impression”

    Once you invited your respondent for a date,and if you were going out to a restaurant, bar, resto, cafe and others in anticipation of meeting your respondent, you should wear nice dress/suit, nice haircut, and great perfume, all as a way of making a first impression.

  2. Tenkeys says:

    Nobody likes a whinny loser. Being positive is a sure way of getting the other person interested in you.
    Everybody likes a person who is positive and self assured. Be positive and be yourself!

  3. Right says:

    I have always believed that when venturing out on a first date, keeping a low expectation always helps.

    Do not build a huge hype of the other person in your own mind, since any normal traits would easily disappoint you, which will quickly get reflected on your face for other person to notice it quickly.

    Keeping a low expectation leaves room for excitement during an actual date and such positive joy and excitement on your face in the first meeting instills confidence in the other person about you and your character and goes a long way in helping to build a strong and healthy relationship.

  4. Ken says:

    As rightly said by you, most often newbies join online dating sites with big expectations but become frustrated when they don’t receive replies from their counterpart or when their expectations are not met.

    The 3 factors referred by you should help a newbie to avoid such expectations and date someone online with fun!

  5. KingQub3d says:

    Great Post i like them :), you have posted some great tips out there, for a newbie like me :) I hope this will help me out.

  6. greensmyle says:

    It’s always better not give out any information that may compromise your security. After all, you may never know who really is on the other side of the chat. Online dating is so commercialize that internet marketers would go to the extent of hiring online chatters (paid to chat with interested individual) to allure men into dating traps. Be safe when looking for dates online, but don’t forget to have fun too.

  7. Rhonda says:

    Expect to be lied to should have been the first in the list. People really need to be cautious when dating anywhere but especially so online where lying seems to be so accepted as being the normal thing to do. Lying online doesn’t seem to have the same stigma as lying in real life.

  8. Will says:

    I think that there are actually a few people that tell the truth Rhonda – I mean, people may lie about trivial things, but these trivial thins are going to come to light or honesty will be determined if the relationship goes any further. I think that you can judge the liars pretty easy, if you are a good judge of character.

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