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Married Men Use Online Dating Services


(Online Dating Newsletter) Nearly 30% of married men use online dating services. Not satisfied with affair sites like Ashley Madison, these men disguise themselves as singles and use the same online dating services that single people do.

A former writer for Online Dating Magazine once dated a man she didn’t know was married. Like many others she met him on an online dating service and he was posing as a single person. They went on two dates, then he invited her for a weekend of skiing.  She went with him and on the first day of skiing, the guy broke his leg and had to go to the hospital.  He let her know that he was married since she was about to find out anyway since the wife had to be called for insurance information.

It’s not always easy to tell when someone on an online dating service is married. There are some things you can look out for. Here are some tips, courtesy of Online Dating Magazine:

1) Most married men won’t post a picture or the one they post will be hard to see. They don’t want someone they know seeing them on an online dating service.

2) Most married men will have strict times set up to communicate with you. This includes email communications, phone communications, and even in-person meetings.

3) Married men will never introduce you to friends or family.

4) If on a first date, look at the man’s wedding finger and see if there is a ring indent.

5) Some married men will want your phone number, but not want to give you their number.

6) Some married men won’t give you their last name.

7) If you do have a number (probably cell phone) for a married man, you will likely constantly find yourself leaving messages. He  will rarely, if ever, answer when you call. And if he’s around his wife, his cell phone will be off and will always go straight to voicemail.

It’s unfortunate that some people lie about their marital status when on an online dating service. It’s even more unfortunate that some people fall prey to their desires. Keep alert, develop a good instinct for finding married men, and stay safe! And if you are a married man reading this, don’t pose as a single person on an online dating service. Many women are unforgiving of such antics and your wife will find out.

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9 Responses to “Married Men Use Online Dating Services”
  1. Clare says:

    Its awful that married men should choose to use online dating services and the vaery fact that they are willling to cheat on their wife should send off warning signals to the un suspecting mistress.

  2. Krish says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips on finding if your dating counterpart is married or not. Honestly speaking, Married men claiming as Singles may bring them a short term enjoyment but in the longer run it would create bitter consequences.

  3. Kim says:

    I don’t think it would be very hard to spot a married man. He would act private in a lot of obvious ways. thanks for the tips. I do agree that the ring finger indentation is a dead give away!

  4. Rhonda says:

    Very good tips, I agree with all of them. I am sure there are many married women who also look to pick up other partners online. It happens.

  5. Lori says:

    You know, Men are getting stereotyped here! I am assuming that there are just as many married women on the internet, checking out their options, so to speak. When you sign up for a dating site, you are not making a commitment so you can see what is available – although, no one said this was right.

  6. Meniac says:

    How about those married men whose wife died? I remember the American Series “The Complete Savages” and their episode about their widow Dad whom they created an online dating profile for.

    Cheers! Good post.

  7. Tenkeys says:

    Thanks for the useful tips! Although some married men may remove their wedding ring from their finger before the date, then put it back on once they leave for home where the wife is waiting. A good tip on this is to observe if there is any difference in the color of the skin where the ring usually resides. If there is, watch out ladies!

  8. Right says:

    Many married men get hooked on to dating sites and often visit it just for fun, without realizing that their pass-time activity often lands them in a serious relationship.

    The tale-tell signs suggested by the author are really excellent and to the point and if females observed them closely while interacting with someone, there is no chance for anything serious materializing without a warning. It is the perfect advise for females not to fall prey to these double crossing guys!

  9. Sarah says:

    There are tons of married men on these dating sites. Just thinking back to it now gives me the creeps.

    I must say that some interesting points were touched on in this article. But even then, some married men are in a marriage where they have tons of free time available on their hands and communication is easy for them. I remember this one guy I spoke to, well he was around a lot to be honest. At work he had easy access to a computer and at home, he used to be on on his computer most of the time actually. I am not sure where his wife was most of the time, but he bugged me to meet him and go for drinks all the time.

    My gut instincts said something wasn’t right, and a few days later someone posted on his profile asking what he is doing since his wife is at the friend’s house and looking after their kid. He turned around and said, “So What of it?” and then contacted me, saying the relationship was already long over and she just doesn’t want to accept it etc. This other guy tried saying that they were seperated, but she was still living at his house with their kid and he still does everything a normal father and a husband does. That was seriously disturbing. I mean if you know the relationship has ended, then move out, see your kid and get on with your life. No reason to hand around your ex and keep playing as a ‘husband.’

  10. Ke says:

    Very interesting article.
    Have been acting on instinct here, my husband regularly frequents online dating sites, despite saying he loves me and we live together etc. Always seems to put status as ‘separated’ rather than married on the profiles. How do I know? Well I monitor sites for his activity, he’s fairly predictable with email and passwords! Caught him out again last night, he’s working away and on a hunch I checked one of the sites I know he’s been on in the past and YES, there he was online and he’d even had the gall to change his profile. After I confronted him about this before Xmas 09 he said he wouldn’t go on again, huh, heard that before. So I sent him text and asked him to delete profile, it’s gone this morning but I won’t be surprised to see it reappear in another guise before very long and then we go round this whole route again. Men just can’t be trusted when something’s out there they have to have it. Ladies, use that divine gift, feminine intuition, never fails!!!

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