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Five Important Online Dating Safety Tips


(Online Dating Newsletter) Here are five essential online dating tips to help you have a more safe experience when online dating.

1) Be careful what you say in your profile. Don’t give away too much personal information and never talk about your kids if you’re a single parent. There are some online predators that target parents to eventually get to their kids. This is why you should wait several months when dating someone before introducing them to your kids. And you should also do a background check on them before they meet your children. Never take a child with you on a first date (unfortunately some people do this).

2) Don’t communicate with people overseas. Online dating and romance scams are widespread. Most of the scams are launched in Nigeria. They create a fake profile, fake pictures, then start sending emails to online daters. They may even put up a picture of an American, say they live in the U.S. then after you’ve started communicating with them, say that they are doing business in Nigeria. Eventually an “emergency” will come up and they’ll ask you for money. Never communicate with them again!

3) Trust your Instinct. People have been given a powerful weapon when it comes to safety – gut instinct. If your gut instinct tells you there is something wrong, whether it is in the online communication phase or in a face to face date then learn to trust it. If your instinct says “something’s not right here” then take that as a cautionary red flag that you should pay attention to. For example, when a guy doesn’t introduce you to friends, only returns cell phone calls at a certain time, doesn’t answer when you call, and didn’t have a picture online when you first communicated, your gut instinct may start to tell you – “hey, this person is married”.  When your instinct gives you signs, pay attention and take action accordingly.

4) Follow a dating process that includes several levels of communication before rushing out on a date. The process usually is: online dating service > email > phone > first date. Getting to know someone better before meeting face to face will provide you more information for tip #3 – your instinct. When you skip steps (or to use a term from eHarmony – Fast Track), the amount of information you have to make better judgments and determinations is smaller.  For example, when talking on the phone the person may inadvertently say something that contradicts what he/she said in their profile. That’s a red flag.

5) Meet in a public place. This can’t be stressed enough. While online dating is, in general, a safe medium, the majority of negative situations occur on a first date and usually because a girl allowed the guy to pick her up on the first date.  Take your own transportation to a public place and don’t allow yourself to be alone with the other person on the first date. Also, make sure your friends/family knows where you are at , who you are with on your date, and what service you met on (paid services keep pretty accurate contact info due to a credit card having to be provided).

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6 Responses to “Five Important Online Dating Safety Tips”
  1. Rebecca says:

    These are all really good tips, however there is something else that you can do to make yourself feel safe and that is do a background check on the guy. I know it may sound a little extreme but my girlfriends and I use beenverified.com and for like $10 we can find out who this guy really is and if he has a criminal record. Unfortunately, its just to easy to lie on the internet and I don’t want to put myself in bad situation. Doing a quick background check is so simple and effective. My friends and I will not meet a guy from the internet without doing a background check first.

  2. Barbara says:

    These are all great tips and something every man and woman should pay attention to when they are meeting people online. When I was into the online dating scene, I never met alone on the first date. I always had my best friend come with me, and I’d arrange for the guy to meet me at the local club where all my friends hang out. This made me feel safer, and also weeded out the jerks pretty fast. Many would say I had to meet where they dictated, and I would tell them to go find someone else to meet. The guy I married cared for my safety enough to meet me at this club, despite the fact that he isn’t a “clubbing” sort of man. He was very uncomfortable being in a club full of rednecks, but he pulled through with shining stars and we went on to have a wonderful life together! My advice, take a friend, meet with a bunch of friends, and find that special one that cares for you while the rotten apples move on to someone else.

  3. falguni1 says:

    I always feel meeting at a public place is the best option and also try to know about the parents and relatives of the person. You can easily judge a person by his family background so always try to meet the family so that you know what type of people they really are.

  4. Krish says:

    Online crimes have proliferated in the past few years. Hence Individuals joining in Online Dating Sites should be cautious while communicating with their counterpart. Never share your personal information or plan to meet in person unless you have verified that the counterpart is genuine and honest.

    And thanks for sharing those safety tips for Online Dating!

  5. Meniac says:

    Regarding “Rule: 2) Don’t communicate with people overseas.”

    It is not only in Nigeria but also Asian countries where thousands of these cases arise.

    Care should not lost in be CAREFUL.

  6. Tenkeys says:

    We should always trust our instinct when meeting someone new. If we do not feel comfortable with the other person and we can’t put our finger on it, perhaps we should proceed with caution, especially for ladies. Meeting in a public place is a MUST!

  7. john says:

    The metrodate site is infested with the Nigeria scam. Their profile shows them from US, but in e-mail they say they’re from Nigeria. Usually the profile disappears after a few days. But they keep e-mailing you these long generic e-mails. I stopped replying at this point, but no doubt the money part was coming later. I deleted my profile from the site.

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