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Make Your Online Dating Profile Header Stand Out


(Online Dating Newsletter) The majority of online dating services require you to post a profile header message that appears when someone does a search for people in their area. May people use tired and old headers like “I may be the one you’re looking for” or “hello”.  Those will do little to get people to click on you unless you are a model with a hot photo.

The header is one of the most vital aspects of online dating, because it is the second most interest-grabber (next to a photo) that gets people to click on your profile and read more about you. Which one of these would you click on:

“Are You the One?”


“Just Like a New Job, I Offer Excellent Benefits”

The more you stand out (in a good way), the more likely someone is to click on your profile and read more about you. That, in turn, will increase your correspondence rate, as long as you have a good profile too!

So how do you come up with that next brilliant subject header?

First, spend about an hour or so doing searches and reading profile headers. Which ones stand out? Which ones make you tempted to click?  Also, go through some of the best ones as listed by Online Dating Magazine (visit their Top 10 section). What do the best ones have in common?

Now spend time crafting your own unique and creative intro that will draw someone’s attention.

Avoid strange ones like:

“I’m the Love Pirate and I’m here for your booty!”

Instead, think clever and classy like:

“Over 15 million women looking for a relationship and all I want is one.”

Or go for humorous:

“Willing to share the remote!”

By putting thought into what you say to attract clicks on your profile, you improve your chances of better success online. Good luck!

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4 Responses to “Make Your Online Dating Profile Header Stand Out”
  1. ec says:

    I totally agree 100% That little blurb is most likely the first thing people read and remember, first impressions do count! That couple of seconds someone spends reading your header will very much influence whether they read the rest of your profile or click away. Don’t go for strange/odd unless you’re looking for strange/odd and don’t come off as desperate. If it sounds like a Hallmark card, then it sounds desperate… Spend a goodly amount of time thinking about this header and make it reflect something about you that’s special “Rocker looking for Rockette…”, etc. And if you’re not getting any hits on your profile, it could very well be that your header needs some rewriting!

  2. Krish says:

    Yes the Header message plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of other members. Unless you have a unique and interesting header message, it would be hard to receive responses. A good bet would be to spend some time to write an effective header message as suggested by you.

  3. Meniac says:

    What I want in this post is advice on avoiding strange sounding Headers.

  4. Tenkeys says:

    “Just like ice-cream, I am cool and sweet!”
    I like catchy headers done in good taste. What we put in the headers will help to mold the first impression we want the other person to think of us. I tend to avoid those strange quirky ones. I don’t want to come across as a freak?

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