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Patti Novak’s First Date Tips


(Online Dating Newsletter) Patti Novak is the acclaimed matchmaker from the former Confessions of a Matchmaker TV series. Online Dating Magazine is interviewing her so that readers can gain more valuable advice and insight. While waiting for the interview to be completed and published, here are some of Patti Novak’s First Date Tips:

1) On a first date, never do shots or drink too much alcohol.

2) On a first date, don’t interview your date like it’s a job interview.

3) If you have a checklist of what Mr. or Mrs. Right is like, burn it. When on a date, don’t do comparison’s between your date and some checklist you made up.

4) Do not bring other people on the first date with you.

5) Learn to pay compliments and not to expect them.

6) Do not go to the other person’s home on a first date… or second… or third…. or fourth… or fifth.

7) Keep all of your flirting aimed at your date an no one else!

Patti Novak also emphasizes that if you are truly on a quest to find Mr. or Mrs. Right the wrong place to look is a bar.

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4 Responses to “Patti Novak’s First Date Tips”
  1. Noel says:

    I agree with most of this except the “don’t go to your date’s home” part. Personally, if i like them, I like to find a way to make them visit my house (without trying anything naughty) – makes it easier to invite them over in the future.

  2. falguni1 says:

    Also one more point not to praise himself so much that it raises high expectations which can cause trouble in latter life.

    Be easy and let the person know your real you so that she knows whether you are right for her.

  3. Meniac says:

    In short, there is no system/procedure for a successful date. Expect the unexpected, enjoy your time but don’t forget to be careful. Don’t rely or trust too much and avoid going to his/her house/place. And do not drink alcohol as this will not be a nice experience for your date.

    Great post. Keep it up.

  4. Tenkeys says:

    I think both will be eager and nervous on the first date. The best way is to relax and not expect something solid will happen there and then. I believe both should have a good time get to know each other as friends, instead of expect the other person to be the “chosen one”.

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