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From Online Dating to Airline Dating


(Online Dating Newsletter) Airline company Air New Zealand is trying its hand at mixing online dating with airline dating. The company has announced that on October 13, 2009, it will hold a “matchmaking flight” that travels from Los Angeles to New Zealand with the hopes of matching singles. Single Americans can be matched with single New Zealanders and vice versa, or with each other. The flight will leave from Los Angeles, California on October 13 and will land in New Zealand where passengers will participate in a large singles event at the Sky City Convention Center. Those participating first upload an online profile for others to see.

“Air New Zealand is always looking for fun ways to improve our customers experience, and we love the thought of playing matchmaker to help them find a mate in New Zealand or in the air,” said Roger Poulton, Air New Zealand’s vice president – the Americas. “If your dating profile says you enjoy fine wine and long walks on the beach, then New Zealand is your perfect place for romance. And let’s not forget our charming Kiwi accents – what more could an American want?”

The price for the flight and event is $980 round trip with a more advanced package for those that want nice hotel accommodations in New Zealand.

Find out more information at the Air New Zealand matchmaking event Website.

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