Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


Dating, Singles, and the Economy


(Online Dating Newsletter) A new survey of singles, dating, and the economy have found that with the recession, dating habits are changing. People are more likely now to date someone who doesn’t have a job or someone who is living with their parents. The survey, conducted by Zoosk, found:

> 78% of singles would date someone who is currently unemployed. Men were more inclined to do so; 92% of men said they would date a woman who is unemployed. Slightly more than half (52%) of women said they would date a man who is currently unemployed.

> 80% of singles would go on a date with someone who lives with their parents.

> 85% of singles said that you can have fun dating without spending any money.

The Zoosk poll was conducted online in May 2009 and fielded 1,009 responses from singles in the United States who use Zoosk. 89% of Zoosk members are under age 40, and 65% are under age 30.

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