Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


ABC News Tackles Online Dating Lies


(Online Dating Newsletter) ABC News, in its What Would You Do program, tackled online dating this week. First they set up profiles and started communicating with other online daters. They then arranged first dates, but sent someone who looked nothing like the photo in the profile. Unfortunately, online dating lies are becoming prominent and many liars are enabled by not being called out on their lie. As seen in this segment, most people still act interested and some even say they’ll go on a second date even though they admit they wouldn’t when the cameras come out because of the person lying about their photo. Here are the segments (in two parts):

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2

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2 Responses to “ABC News Tackles Online Dating Lies”
  1. Rhonda says:

    That’s amusing to a degree but I think it has the potential to turn violent with the wrong person. The reaction of the one guy is an indication of that. I think women are in more danger of assault than men are because women tend to be more polite but it is something to consider if you are not using your own pictures in your profile.

  2. Will says:

    I would also be afraid of the reaction of the person meeting – or the person completely ignoring the situation and walking out. If this were to happen to me, I don’t think that I would give the person a second chance, regardless of the reason for lying, what would you do?

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