Tuesday, October 19th, 2021


eHarmony Outspending Competitors on Ads


(Online Dating Newsletter) When it comes to advertising, online relationship service eHarmony is outspending its nearest competitors nearly 2-1, with well over $100 million spent in 2008 alone.  According to tracking service Nielsen, for the first nine months of 2008, eHarmony spent $93.2 million on advertising, almost twice as much as second place Match.com which spent $47 million on advertising in that same time period. Coming in third was Chemistry.com with $28.2 million. No other online dating service spent more than $1 million on ads in that same time frame.

So what do most of the ad dollars go to? The answer is commercials that air on Cable TV. Network TV was second.

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7 Responses to “eHarmony Outspending Competitors on Ads”
  1. Lori says:

    The one thing about Eharmony is the insane amount of time that it takes to fill out all of the information in the profile. People like thorough, but when thorough begins to take an hour it can lead to a dating site search that can be completed in five minutes.

    So, Eharmony is spending more and also offering free weekends every time I turn around, could this be a sign of something bad?

  2. presli says:

    I can’t belive that online dating sites are spending such a large amounts of money for advertising – $100 mil … Imagine what their earnings are – probably 3 times more. Anyway i’ve never actually seen any ads on TV about any dating sites and i am really suprised that this is the prefered type of ads. Probably those kind of sites in my can’t country can’t afford to pay for TV commercials. Anyway if i had to choose what type of ads should i use to advertise my dating site, i would totally choose PPC ( like adwords ).

  3. Meniac says:

    I cannot believe that eHarmony spent so much for their advertising compared to the second leading dating site. I believe as long as the members feel at home with their service there’s no other reason for them to promote their service so much.

  4. Tenkeys says:

    I am not surprised that online dating services spent a bomb on advertising. Look at the number of new online dating sites that appear! Dating is a big market and competition is stiff. It is a matter of getting the most number of people to join.

  5. Ken says:

    Considering the current economic slowdown, this news is really a surprise to me. I had never thought that dating sites would spend as much as millions of dollars for Advertising. I am sure they should get a good ROI (Return of Investment).

  6. greensmyle says:

    Well managed companies and internet institutions alike do have an annual allocated budget for advertising in various mediums – be it radio, TV, print ads and especially the internet as their main gateway. We may also add the fact that internet business is all about marketing and being without an arsenal of funds may mean a fading fate for your e-commerce.

  7. Faraz says:

    Wow how much they are earning? I assume they must be earning a lot from their services. But still spending $100 million is too much. I guess this is a race between the dating companies.

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