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eHarmony Free Communication Weekend for February 2009


(Online Dating Newsletter) For those of you that like advanced notice of when eHarmony is doing their Free Communication Weekend, we have it for you!

For February 2009, eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekend will be over Valentine’s Day – from Friday February 13 through Sunday, February 15. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for one directly below. Also, if you decide to become a paid member, be sure to first check Online Dating Magazine’s eHarmony Promotion Codes section for discounts!

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8 Responses to “eHarmony Free Communication Weekend for February 2009”
  1. prince says:

    Alert me when ever there is 7 days, 90 days free eharmony communication..?

  2. Barbara says:

    Although the free time sounds great, three days isn’t really much time to even get a reply from someone. And Valentine’s Day weekend is the worst time to have this. People already have something special arranged for this special weekend, rather it’s with a mate, close friend, siblings, kids or parents. eHarmony should do this the weekend before or the weekend after, this is when the depression really sits in!

  3. Cali says:

    Yes, the weekends are short, but if you are patient, you can take baby steps forward. I signed up in November 2008. I have a free account. A gentleman initiated communication with me, I was able to answer during the November Free weekend. Then, he responded in between “Weekends” and I was able to reply during the December weekend. He has since initiated Fast Track (he is a paid member) and I will be able to read that first email and reply this coming weekend. From there, we will be able to be in constant communication with each other, if that is how things work out. It is a limited weekend for us ‘weekenders’ but the paid members can reply at any time, and that has worked for us. I never intended on using E-harmony, just wanted to personality profile thing, so this has been a pleasant suprise :-D

  4. ... says:

    is this only for or .ca as well?

  5. jane doe says:

    fast tracks are only for subscribers and if you were only a “weekender,” as i was at one point, you won’t be able to read his email, unless eharmony changed that. good luck

  6. DP says:

    The problem with this free communication weekend is:
    1. The way eharmony works with all the canned questions and answers it takes more than a weekend to get to know someone.
    2. You dont get to see pics when you are a non paying member (big mistake)

  7. HG says:

    Hi Cali,

    Without paying you won’t be able to read his FastTrack method. I would suggest you sign up for a month–its fairly inexpensive with one of the promo codes floating around.

    Another alternative may be to make a new account using a different e-mail address and restrict your preferences so you’ll be likely to match again, particularly age, religion, distance, drinking/smoking habits since you would know this from your profile. Then you can restart Guided Communication and just slip in your contact info early during a Free Communication Weekend.

    Good Luck!

  8. krm25 says:

    What is free is good. But just the weekends is to little. You can’t receive some good and quality answers to your questions in just a weekend. Another problem is that most of the people don’t use the internet on weekends as much.

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