Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


Online Dater Loses $300,000 in Online Dating Relationship Scam


(Online Dating Newsletter) We received an email today from Sparkbliss that interviewed a person who was taken for $300,000 in an online dating romance scam. We hear of these types of scams often. You can read the story and listen to the audio interview here.

Also, be aware that you should never continue communications with someone who asks you for money. Scammers are getting better at developing online relationships with people then creating an elaborate “emergency” or situation where they ask you for money. Never give money to someone you’ve met and never continue communications with someone who says they live in Nigeria or that they live in the United States and are on a business trip in Nigeria. Read our feature story on online dating safety this week  for more tips.

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8 Responses to “Online Dater Loses $300,000 in Online Dating Relationship Scam”
  1. Barbara says:

    Oh wow, this poor man was taken for a ride, and it wasn’t the one he was looking for! One should never give money to anyone they have never met in person, and in many cases even if they have met in person and have known each other for years!

  2. falguni1 says:

    There should be some rules. Internet is not secure, something should be done. There should be some sites which educate people about such scams and such sites should be largely advertised so that people read them and be alert.

  3. Noel says:

    $300,000? What the….

    That’s a lot of money to lose to someone you don’t even know that well. Family can ask me for that amount – assuming I even have it – and I’ll probably launch my own investigation before dropping a cent.

  4. krm25 says:

    That is a very big amount of money to lose. Dating scams are pretty common these days because nice girl pictures will always draw attention. This is the method that fraudsters use; real pictures of girls with fake names and accounts.

  5. Meniac says:

    This case is not different to thousands of reports in the national news here in the Philippines. Crimes in dating services are always done by large crime groups. Just following your instinct and being careful is enough to avoid most of these scams.

  6. Tenkeys says:

    My goodness! I would not give any money to someone I have not met or just met recently. How on earth did that happen for that amount? Sad to say there are scammers out to scam online daters so it’s best to be always careful.

  7. greensmyle says:

    What the heck? i pity that person who just got scammed and at the same time I partly blame him for unintelligent acts. Why would you give out that huge amount of money to anybody for any reason? it is 300k not just 1k or 100 Bucks, lol, The person could have bought a decent Web company with that money for god’s sake. What was he thinking?

  8. Rhonda says:

    I cannot fathom sending someone such a large amount of money even if I had known them my entire life. I know scammers are very talented but the victim would have to have a complete lapse in judgment to give someone 300k and not have a lawyer check it out first.

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