Saturday, September 18th, 2021 Lawsuit May Go in New Direction


(Online Dating Newsletter) After a California judge rejected’s request for a summary judgement earlier this month, the plaintiffs are seeking to expand the lawsuit. On December 23, the plaintiffs in Thomas Wong (and participants in the class action lawsuit) vs. TrueBeginnings (operating as filed papers to get an additional complaint added to the lawsuit. The claim is that committed wire fraud and bank fraud by allegedly continuing to charge members who canceled their paid memberships.

The ammendment also refers to a “gift card scheme” that the Online Dating Newsletter team is looking into. Here’s what it says in the plaintiff filing:

“by engaging in a scheme to defraud Visa and MasterCard by artificially increasing the number of monthly Visa and MasterCard charges, and thus artificially reducing its ‘chargeback ratio,’ through the use of reloadable ‘gift cards’ purchased in the names of True’s top executives and their spouses.”

The class action lawsuit against was originally filed by Thomas Wong in June 2007, alleging fraudulent billing practices by Wong said that he, along with many others, had charges on their credit card from continue after they had canceled their membership.

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One Response to “ Lawsuit May Go in New Direction”
  1. Derrick says: got me tonight. I cancelled my subcription back in March, and they charged my account creating an overdraft yesterday. Imagine my consternation when I logged on and saw that I had 3 charges from a site and program I never even used. Help how do I get my money refunded.


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