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Online Dating – Not Getting Responses


(Online Dating Newsletter)

Dear Dating Advice,

I’m an average looking man that is in shape and for the past several months I’ve been using three different online dating services and get virtually no responses. It’s starting to feel like a waste of time. What am I doing wrong? Do you have any advice or articles you can direct me to for help? ~ please respond

Dear Please Respond,

I have assembled for you below links to some articles that will help give you a jump start to getting more responses from your online dating profiles. Also, keep in mind that sites like eHarmony and generally work better for men because they have a higher woman to man ratio.

> Get More Responses to Your Online Dating Emails (Online Dating Newsletter – Issue #1)

> A Good Match (Nicole Roberge – Online Dating Magazine)

> Creating a Better Online Dating Photo (Julie Ann Amos – Online Dating Magazine)

> Tips for Getting Responses on Online Dating Services (Dating Tipster – Online Dating Magazine)

> Good Partner Potential. Do You Have It? (Jennifer Brown Banks – Online Dating Magazine)

> Online Dating Services (look under “Relationship Services” for sites that might work better for you)

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3 Responses to “Online Dating – Not Getting Responses”
  1. jesse says:

    Try mixing up your posts. Put in some relevant humor and try not to sound like every other poster. Remember, there are hundreds of guys on these sites and not many girls, so you need to rise above the competition. good luck!

  2. jesse says:

    Don’t be afraid to let your intentions be heard. A lot of girls respect this in a man, and will probably be on the site after the same things. Try to be a little cheeky, but don’t be straight up brash or rude.

  3. Atreyu says:

    Always be respectful and straightforward when dealing with women. I have found that girls normally like men that aren’t afraid of expressing themselves. But as jesse said, don’t be straight up brash or rude.

    That is a fool-proof way of making them lose interest.

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