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Second Date Ideas


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Dear Dating Advice,

Any good ideas for places to go on a second date? ~ moving forward

Dear Moving Forward,

If your first date was to a coffee house then a good second date would be dinner. A general rule of thumb is that you should avoid going to a movie on at least the first and second dates. This is because you are still getting to know each other and see if there’s chemistry to carry you further. A movie takes the attention off of each other and puts it on the movie screen.

Here are some more good second date ideas:

1) Comedy club. This is a great place to both laugh and communicate.

2) Miniature golf.

3) Outdoor activity at a park like a concert or fair.

4) Museum if there is a subject matter in the museum that both of you are interested in.

5) Ice Skating. This can be particularly fun if one of you isn’t that good at it.

Do you have a good second date idea? Share it in the Comments section of this post.

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4 Responses to “Second Date Ideas”
  1. greensmyle says:

    Oh i would greatly suggest and go for museums, it brings out a certain intimacy and it deepens the “getting to know each other” aspect of your date. Try out a museum visit with your date and you will surely find out how intelligent and how deep the level of his or her sincerity is regarding you, but of course after the museum never forget to grab some fun in your favorite bar or just go clubbing.

  2. Will says:

    A great second date idea is an art class or another aspect of class or art lesson where the two of you can be creative together. Through this process you can continue to get to know each other, and automatically have something to cover any awkward silences – as there is something else to focus on, other than the conversation!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Bowling and mini golf are really good second dates if the person you are dating doesn’t object to competition type dates. Old fashion ice cream parlors are a good idea to end the date if you have one in your town.

    I like drive inn movies because then you can talk a little and it is far more relaxing. They also have much better food than the regular theaters do.

  4. Atreyu says:

    I agree with Rhonda, bowling or mini golf are your best options for a second date. Once you have a deeper level of intimacy you may take her to a museum.

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