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Free Online Dating Services or Paid Online Dating Services?


(Online Dating Newsletter – Dating Advice) Dear Dating Advice,

Is it better to use free online dating services or paid online dating services?

There are pros and cons to both. For example:

The pros to free online dating services are:

1) They’re free and don’t cost you anything.

2) Lots of people are using popular free online dating services.

3) They often have blogs and active forums/chatrooms presenting new ways to get to know people while expressing yourself.

4) Since everyone is a member with full benefits you don’t have to wonder if your email got to someone. On a paid online dating service, your email may not get to someone if they are not a paying member to.

The pros to paid online dating services are:

1) They tend to attract people who are more serious about dating and getting into a relationship.

2) There are fewer scammers.

3) There are fewer ads.

4) There is a slightly stronger security measure because paid online dating services have credit card and personal information on file of the person you are dating.

Look at the pros of both and decide which is better for you. You may want to sign up for a free online dating service and paid online dating service and see which works better.

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3 Responses to “Free Online Dating Services or Paid Online Dating Services?”
  1. Rhonda says:

    I have found that free dating sites are adequate enough for my needs. I am only looking to meet people and have fun, more making friends than looking for a committed relationship, so it may be different for others who really want to settle down.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am not sure what I think of online dating sites. On the one hand I joined the ‘Yahoo Personals’ once and I liked it, but by not being a paid member it made it so much more difficult for me to communicate with other people. I definitely had fun though and enjoyed the fact that I could customize my profile, and add cute and naughty messages to my profile to entice guys, but if I wanted to enjoy the full service from the site, I would have to upgrade.

    Now for free online dating sites… I am afraid it didn’t leave an impression on me. I found that men only wanted to chat online and basically ‘use’ me for their pleasure and nothing more. It was quite disturbing to say the least and I had to deal with unscrupulous characters at times.

  3. Will says:

    Free dating sites are becoming more and more popular as people are starting to tighten their purse strings and save their money within the dwindling economy. I think forthis reason, they are more popular and there is indeed a higher potential to meet more people.

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