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Online Dating Stigma – Does it Still Exist?


(Online Dating Newsletter – Dating Advice) This week is unique as we are answering two questions with one answer.

Dear Dating Advice,

Is there still a stigma attached to online dating?

Dear Dating Advice,

I don’t get the whole online dating craze. Are people really that desperate that they can’t find a date without going online?

One question we are often asked by the media is whether or not there is still a stigma attached to online dating. The answer is a clear and definitive “yes there is”.

According to Online Dating Magazine, 20 million people use online dating services every month and more than 120,000 marriages occur each year as a result of people who met online. The online dating industry is a billion dollar a year industry. So with all those stats, how can there still be a stigma? It’s easy. First, look at how the person who sent us the second question above phrased it. “are people really that desperate”.  The simple fact is that despite its track record of success, many people still equate online dating as being an act of relationship desperation. Just over Valentine’s Day weekend, there was a news segment where the reporter was asking people about online dating. Not one single person interviewed admitted to doing it and most said they’d never be “that desperate”.

Online dating is, by far, the best way possible to meet a potential life-long partner that you have a lot in common with. The ability to be able to preview potential dates in advance is a great evolution of the dating process. Yes, there is still a stigma attached to online dating. One lady, in her profile header message, even said, “Willing to lie about how we met.” But the  simple fact is that the stigma today is nothing like it was eight years ago when people equated online dating with taking out an ad in a local newspaper. Online dating is now an accepted (and even preferred) method of dating for the majority of singles.

Let’s take a quick look at the attraction factors of online dating:

1. The ability to select, in advance, potential dates based on mutual interests and attraction.

2. The ability to screen dates before expressing an interest or responding to a communication.

3. Online dating allows you to meet more eligible singles than any other dating venue.

4. It’s the best evolution of dating ever for shy people!

5. There is not a strong fear of rejection or social awkwardness in the “getting to know you” phase.

6. Online dating provides you with the ability to get to know someone more on a mental level before meeting in person.

The “online dating craze” is popular because it works and as hundreds of thousands of more success stories emerge, its acceptance in society becomes more prevalent. It’s important to remember that online dating is a tool to finding great people to date and a potential partner for life. However, there are other means too that you might want to try. This includes speed dating events and volunteering within your community.

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5 Responses to “Online Dating Stigma – Does it Still Exist?”
  1. Rhonda says:

    Whether or not someone feels there is still a stigma to online dating I think has everything to do with the generation they were raised in. Younger people have no problems with picking people up online.

  2. Asti says:

    There is no need to be desperate to have online dating. For the younger people online dating is something that they are used to … it is part of their daily environment. We work with computers and the internet every day; this is our way of communication. For the older generations that don`t know what that “computer” is and how to use the internet, it`s like we have no social life, but that our social life is online doesn’t mean we don`t have one.

  3. Lori says:

    Due to the sheer volume of people, it’s like dating in bulk! Of course, there are good aspects to this and there are the bad. Personally, I met my fiance online just about a year ago and we are now expecting our first child. People don’t finch when we say we met online.

    Other people I know, make up stories about how they met and ignore the internet factor, I guess it depends on the person!

  4. presli says:

    I like what Lori said – ” it’s like dating in bulk! ” :D And i really agree with this. In an online dating site you see people like in a “catalogue ” full of people in which you can browse and choose from it – you see someone’s pictures, some info about him and his interests, his age etc and you can make a good enought first impression for a person with just looking at his/her profile! I really don’t think that online dating is a stigma or you should be embarassed if are looking for a date browsing websites. It really speeds up the process :P

  5. Ken says:

    I personally don’t think “online dating” has a stigma. When we have adopted ourselves to communicate with others via Email, whats wrong with Online Dating? In fact it helps us build a relationship with someone else who shares the same wavelength with us.

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