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Speed Dating and Online Speed Dating Tips


(Online Dating Newsletter – Dating Advice) Dear Dating Advice,

I’m starting to tire of the online dating scene and am thinking of trying out speed dating. What are your thoughts about speed dating?

It’s always great to mix up your dating routine, because it keeps things fresh. We are fans of speed dating, both online and offline. It is a different and unique sensation. Speed dating is sort of like going on multiple blind dates in one night without any commitments. You spend several minutes getting to know one person then… DING… you’re off to the next person. If you had chemistry with someone and vice-versa then it will be made known to you by the speed dating company and you’ll be able to try out a real date.

Online speed dating allows you to use your Web cam during the process. Online speed dating is definitely growing in popularity and becoming one of the fastest growing segments of the online dating marketplace.

If you try speed dating, be sure to dress nice, smile, and just enjoy the experience. Try not to be like everyone else, though. Avoid common questions – “so what do you do for a living?” that everyone else is asking. Go for more unique questions and it will help you stand out. Be confident and look the person in the eyes, but don’t stare him/her down!

We recommend that everyone try speed dating at least once. But be careful, because you may find it addicting.

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4 Responses to “Speed Dating and Online Speed Dating Tips”
  1. Noel says:

    I love offline speed dating. Getting to meet several girls in the span of that short a time is downright brilliant. I also find it more useful than online speed dating, since you get the actual face-to-face meeting over with, although I personally haven’t tried the online option. Might give it a whirl sometime, though.

  2. Kim says:

    I tried to get a friend of mine to go speed dating with me years ago. i think that this would be an awesome experience. I’m not big on first dates, they are so awkward. this way the awkwardness only has to last a few moments!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Never done speed dating of any kind, though it does seem to have perks. I wouldn’t want to do it online because I don’t think you would really get the real feel of the person and body language would be harder to read.

  4. Lori says:

    Offline speed dating is a great alternative to online dating, as you can be assured that the person you are meeting face to face is truly the person you are speaking. Offline speed dating is a great alternative for those weary of online dating to break the ice, and their fears, too!

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