Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


Creative Date Idea – Go to Borders


(Online Dating Newsletter) After you’ve dated someone for awhile, a great way to get to know them better is by taking a creative date to Borders book store. Once you get to Borders, the possibilities are endless:

1) Each of you select one of your favorite books and share something interesting from it with the other.

2) Each of you select a book for the other based on what you think he/she would like (how well do you know your date?).

3) Look for some interesting books that you can by and donate to a charity that provides for the needy overseas.

4) Sit in the cafe and read to each other.

5) One person picks a letter and the other a subject that starts with that letter. Now see who can be the first to find a book on that subject (no pushing).

As you can see there is an endless amount of fun things you can do on a simple trip to the bookstore. If anyone else has any creative ideas of what you can do in a Borders (or public library), please post them below in the Comments section.

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