Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


Creative Date Idea – Aquarium Diving


(Online Dating Newsletter) There’s a new activity that is starting to grow in popularity – Aquarium Diving. Right now only a small handful of places offer it, but due to the mega success of it, more will be jumping on board soon.

Aquarium diving is where you go to a large aquarium, take a short lesson on scuba diving, then put on scuba diving gear and go swimming with sharks, unique fish, etc. in the aquarium’s tank. Divers are now becoming part of the exhibit that people see when going to the aquarium.

This type of creative date idea is one that your date will never forget. It’s a unique experience and one of those “once in a lifetime” type dates. Here are some aquariums currently offering aquarium tank diving:

Mall of America’s Underwater Adventures
Disney’s Living Seas Aquarium
Tampa Bay Aquarium (“Swim with the Sharks”)
Maui Ocean Center
Atlantis Marine World Aquarium (New York)
Adventure Aquarium (New Jersey)
The Florida Aquarium
National Aquarium of Baltimore
Monterey Bay Aquarium

If you live close to one of these places, then contact them to get more information on their program and start to put together that magical date that your partner will never forget.

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3 Responses to “Creative Date Idea – Aquarium Diving”
  1. jesse says:

    What a brilliant idea for a date. It smacks the “go see a movie” call right out of the park. Another good idea off the top of my head would be to go horse riding or take her paragliding. She will think of you as an exciting person and will probably be keen to continue the relationship

  2. Atreyu says:

    Most women love animals and nature in general. The change of scenario from the cinema to the aquarium will make her feel special and unique. Certainly a tip I’ll try as soon as possible!

  3. Faraz says:

    Its a very good idea indeed. It would be a very different experience for my date. These kind of unique places are very good to hangout with your date; not like usual date in a cinema. This idea is worth trying. Highly recommended.

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