Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


Creative Date Idea – the Video Arcade!


(Online Dating Newsletter) When you were a kid you likely had a lot of fun whenever you had the chance to go to a video arcade. Most adults still have a side of them that likes to bring back the fun of childhood, which is one of the reasons that businesses like Dave & Busters were launched. Dave & Busters is an arcade that was built for adults to enjoy without kids running around. There are video games and ticket games. Save up your tickets and you can get some really nice prizes (like a new flat screen TV). See if there is a Dave & Busters in your area that you can take your date to. If not, then check out one of the local video arcades and just have fun together. Don’t play separate games, though – try two player games or watching your date while he/she plays then vice-versa.

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2 Responses to “Creative Date Idea – the Video Arcade!”
  1. greensmyle says:

    it is truly nice to bring back the old school days with your date by squeezing in a visit to your favorite arcade stall while munching some popcorn and stuff, lol… should be fun and exciting, just make sure your date agrees with you because you wouldn’t want her / him getting bored while you enjoy to the max. If your date love the idea then all is set and it is probably more conducive if it were made on a Saturday or Friday? well whatever suits you both will do i guess.

  2. Will says:

    Take it up a notch and make it a competition! There is nothing better than a little bit of healthy compeition to get your engines revving on the second date. Just make sure that you let her win a round or two (:

  3. Rhonda says:

    Arcade dates can be a great way to get closer to someone or find out that you should start looking for a new date. If someone is a sore loser or cannot handle being beaten by a girl then take that into consideration before going on another date with the person.

    I like to play air hockey with dates, you can tell a lot about them by the way they move and react.

    Favorite arcade video game: Operation Wolf

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