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Create a Care Package for the Needy


(Online Dating Newsletter – Creative Date Idea) This is one of those “feel good” creative date ideas that will bring good karma your way and make another family feel appreciated.  When a family is in need, most will turn to a church for help. For this creative date, you’re going to be the help for the church (you don’t need to be a christian or believe in the church to do this creative date).

Here’s what to do:

1) Sit down with your date and create a list of items you will need to buy to put together a “care packages” for needy families. Aim to create somewhere between 2-6 care packages. Things you’ll want to buy are nice bags or boxes (to present the care package in), some healthy non-perishable food, some books (positive ones), gift cards, and for a couple of the care packages, some toys. You’ll be able to think of a lot more additional ideas.

2) Purchase cards for each care package. The cards could be uplifting or could be blank on the inside. On each card you’ll put a simple message like “Hope this helps” then sign your first name and have your date sign his/her first name. The key is to personalize the gift/message even though you’ll remain anonymous. It’s optional if you want to put some money in the card.

3) Put together nice care packages. Work on making them look attractive (presentation counts).

4) Take the care packages to one or more churches and let them know what you are doing and that you wish to remain anonymous. Ask them to provide the packages to needy families that they know of or that approach them.

In the end, both the church and the recipients of the care packages will think that you and your date are angels. And you and your date will feel like you’ve made a true contribution to the world, which will increase your bond.

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3 Responses to “Create a Care Package for the Needy”
  1. greensmyle says:

    This is a good idea especially if you’re one those active in charitable volunteer work. It may even be beneficial for both if you sign up with a charitable institution and pledge your support. You may also try becoming advocates for saving the environment. Think Green!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I’m an atheist so I would not do this the same way. I would make up care packages for soldiers (since I am a vet) or care packages to help families of soldiers who are in dire need because one or both parents are stationed overseas.

    If the person you are dating is a veteran or has family members who are veterans this will really be a bonding thing, discussing what it was like while putting the packages together. And if you stay together long enough reading the thank you cards you will get back.

  3. Sarah says:

    Mmm… I am not sure this is suitable for any first, second or third date. Personally I feel that people need to get to know one another first before doing something like creating care packages. It some way it seems a bit too personal. Kind of like I am already in a steady relationship with the person. I think that is when a situation like this is appropriate.

    However, on to the subject of care packages. It is a fantastic idea actually. However, some poorer families often expect others to help them ‘all the time.’ Then it becomes a problem since they are often unwilling to help themselves.

    I can understand if someone is disabled, but for someone that is perfectly healthy to some degree there is no excuse. If there is no one else to help them, then realistically even the government is failing to provide them with the basics.

    Creating a small care package for the elderly in a care home would be appreciated and it would suit someone that volunteers at a ‘Care Home for the Elderly.’

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