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Creative Date Idea – Cooking Together


(Online Dating Newsletter Creative Dates) One thing that helps relationships grow is when you do creative things together and build memories together. This includes things that one person might normally do and not the other. Take, for example, cooking. Not everyone can cook (I’m the perfect example of that, having inherited that inability from my mom). Luckily, though, cooking is something that can be learned. More importantly, it can be shared.

After you’ve dated for awhile, suggest cooking a meal together as a date idea. You can do this a couple of ways. First bring in a cooking teacher to help the two of you create a meal together. Or buy a book like Dinner Dates: A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together that can help guide you in the process.

Everyone is passionate about eating. Take some of that passion, as a couple, and put it into preparing a meal that you both can savor together. Cooking as a couple can have some “play time” involved too (feeding each other, getting messy together, putting a dab of sauce on your partner’s nose, etc.).

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11 Responses to “Creative Date Idea – Cooking Together”
  1. Asti says:

    Good idea but that thing with the teacher or the book … it kills the romance.
    It’s more interesting when both of you have no idea what are you doing, but the important thing is that you are doing it together.
    So when you want to cook something with your partner, just go to the kitchen get everything from the fridge and do SOMETHING :)
    The fun part is when it is ready and you have to eat it :D

  2. presli says:

    Haha cooking teachers who you can bring in your house and teach you how to cook? I’ve never heard of that before and althought it sounds interesting i would never try myself or with my girlfiend. Anyway i think that cooking book is the better choice if you decide to cook something together with your partner and if neither of you is good at cooking :)
    Asti’s idea about getting everything from the fridge and ” do something ” sounds pretty fun to be honest :D

  3. krm25 says:

    Yes, you are right. Cooking may be a good experience, but not for everyone. Personally I hate cooking, but I like to make popcorn and watch a movie in the bedroom. It can be an interesting experience if you chose the right movie.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Cooking together is a great date idea but only if you enjoy the same types of food. If the person you are dating has a totally different food palate from yours it might be best to stick to restaurants.

  5. Tenkeys says:

    I experienced cooking together with my ex when we were still dating. We like pasta and he did most of the cooking while I helped him in preparing the ingredients. It was fun watching him cook and occasionally I cuddled up to him from behind to show my appreciation. It was fun!

  6. Right says:

    I have always been fascinated by having romance at unusual places and what better place for that than a kitchen!

    I have often fantasized of cooking some crazy stuff with my partner and having fun while at it. Instead of some teacher (lol) or a book, I would just suggest to cook whatever you can, based on your instincts. It is sometimes good to be spontaneous ! :)

  7. Ken says:

    Hey, never thought about this before. I thought dining with your date is what most prefer. However I would not try this idea as “Cooking” is latin and greek to me!

  8. Joe Tracy says:

    I think the key to this date is that you don’t have to be a good cook to do it. For example, another creative date idea is to make pottery. Few of us have probably ever done that, but that’s what makes it fun – you’re trying something new together. With the food idea it’s something you can enjoy while cooking and enjoy after you’re done (eating it) unless there was a massive food fight during the process. :-)

    Joe Tracy

  9. greensmyle says:

    This, i think, is one of the most enjoyable dates ever. You may cook your own food, experiment and share some of your cooking techniques and tips or just maybe play like you have to compete and then probably invite your friends over and let them be the judge on whose cooking tastes better. haha That would be fun and filling.

  10. Sarah says:

    Now this is interesting and I wholeheartedly agree with this article. I remember when I met my significant other for the first time, we actually cooked a meal together. It was nerve wrecking in some way, but really great as our hands touched and we giggled and whispered about the different spices and what to add to enhance the flavor. It was a magical experience and afterwards, we sat down, side by side and just enjoyed our meal with the occassional banter. Afterwards… well it was magical as I said.

  11. jesse says:

    I guess if the girl can cook and you can’t then this will only bring a loss of admiration on her part. For the cooking date to work you would need to make sure that her skills are on par with yours, otherwise it could be catastrophic

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