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Mail Order Bride Marriage & Divorce Study


(Online Dating Newsletter) One segment of online dating that has always drawn a niche interest is men looking for women to marry from other countries.  There are more than 100 dating sites exclusively aimed at helping men find women from countries like Russia to marry.  Independent company International Relations recently commissioned a survey to gather stats on the mail order bride industry and to see if the divorce rate among mail order brides was higher, lower, or the same as the U.S. divorce rate. The results were analyzed and compiled by Statistics Solutions.

The study found that the divorce rate among mail order brides was high, but still lower than the U.S. rate of divorce. According to the study, 41% of “cross cultural marriages” end in divorce where in the U.S. the divorce rate is 48%.

Other findings from the study include:

– 90% of mail order brides that were in failed marriages would try it again even though the first time failed.

–  For marriages that ended in divorce, the average length of marriage for mail order bride marriages was more than five years.

You can see the results of the study here.

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One Response to “Mail Order Bride Marriage & Divorce Study”
  1. greensmyle says:

    This particular issue i can’t really dig. I mean this is like suicide especially for the women. Imagine marrying some one you don’t even know, no idea how he smells? or if he has nasty habits, lol. It’s sad that some women would be this desperate to go through such indignity if i may put it that way. Strong words but i do not really agree with this idea. It’s just too unfair and discriminatory for women in general.

  2. shoooof says:

    this study conflicts with a government study.

    “cross cultural” marriages is misleading. What is the WHITE male with ASIAN immigrant divorce rate?
    I dont care what the divorce rate of white guys with latinas is. I have a feeling certain “cultures” are raising that figure too high.

  3. Thomas says:

    greensmyle.. you have no idea what you are talking about… Nobody is marrying sight unseen, the online dating is used as a way to find someone.. as opposed to say in a bar… then they meet.. then they decide if they like each other.. then they decide if they want to get married, move to another country, etc.. This study only covered US men and non-US women but a *major* portion these days of marriage to non-US citizens is US-women and non-US men. Do some googling and you will find that when the situations are exactly reversed (older US women, younger non-US men) that the women are still seen as potential victims.

    Old US guy, young non-US girl – she is a victim

    ..and the exact opposite:

    Old US woman, young non-US guy – she is a victim

    What the heck?

    also Greensmyle.. if you read the article it says that these marriages have a *better* shot at working than the old fashioned way and that even the ones where they fail 90% of the women would try it again.

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