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Creative Date Idea – Musical Restaurants


(Online Dating Newsletter) Take your date on a fun and filling trip around town with this creative date idea. Virtually all of us at children played musical chairs at one time or another, going from chair to chair until the music would stop. This date idea plays upon that concept but, instead of changing chairs, you and your date change restaurants. Start your date off with an appetizer at one restaurant or bar. When you are ready for the main course go to a different restaurant and try out the menu there. Have dessert and coffee at yet another restaurant. If the night is still young you can hit up your favorite pub or nightclub for after dinner drinks. This imaginative outing is a fun way to keep your date on the edge of his or her seat and looking forward to what’s “next on the menu”. If you want to make it more like musical chairs, have your date close his or her eyes with his hand on the volume knob of the radio. As soon as he turns the volume down, immediately park and find the next restaurant or cafe – then check it out.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – – originally published on May 25, 2005)

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