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Creative Date Idea – Spin the Date


(Online Dating Newsletter) This creative date idea is a lot of fun, but it also takes quite a bit of initial preparation. First, you need to rent or purchase a prize wheel. Go to eBay and search “prize wheel” to find some you can buy. Now fill in the prize areas with creative date ideas. Invite your date over for a “surprise date”. When your date arrives, have the wheel all set up so it is the first thing (besides you) that he or she sees when the door is open. Have your date spin the wheel. Where the wheel stops is the date for the night/day. Be prepared, in advance, for any of the possibilities, then immediately begin your date. The cool thing is that the prize wheel can be used for other things too, like special places to go to dinner. And spinning the wheel is a lot of fun; much more entertaining than couples saying “I don’t care where we go, where do you want to go?” over and over.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – – originally published on May 18, 2005)

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  1. rancleff says:

    Good idea, but that can get annoying and can sprout arguments if used to frequently.

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