Tuesday, October 19th, 2021


Creative Date Idea – Boat Cruise


(Online Dating Newsletter) If you live near a major lake, river, bay, or ocean (or are planning to visit an area with one), a boat cruise can be a fun and inventive date option. There are several types of boat cruises available in tourist areas that have a major river or lake as a focal point. A sightseeing cruise is a great idea if you are vacationing in a new area and want to learn a little about the history of the buildings and natural landmarks. If you are planning a boat ride in your own city, a dinner cruise might be a good romantic choice and an enjoyable way to see your city from a different perspective by getting out on the water. If you are leaning toward an adventurous date, many boat rides can take you out on islands and different attractions where you can get out of the boat and explore. Whether your mood is fun and inquisitive, romantic, or adventurous, a boat cruise is a unique way you and your date can take advantage of what nature has to offer.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – www.onlinedatingnewsletter.com – originally published on May 11, 2005)

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