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The Surprise Date (Creative Date Ideas)


Most people love surprises and one of the ultimate surprises you can give your partner is a well-planned secret date. With a surprise date, your partner knows only the day and time the date will take place and no other details. To make the date one to be remembered, try to plan it around something your partner likes, but rarely gets to do. For example, perhaps the girl loves musicals, but hasn’t been out to see one in years. A surprise date to a musical may fill her heart with notes of joy. Perhaps the guy loves thrills. A surprise trip to a thrill park (or extreme activity like sky diving) may be just the ticket.

When planning a surprise date, it is important not to give any clues whatsoever. The element of surprise is so much stronger when the person has no idea. The anticipation alone creates a lot of fun emotions for the person receiving the surprise.

Surprises during the surprise date are also nice. You may have a surprise note for each meal that tells the person something you like about them. The key is to keep the day fun and full of special moments that will make it forever memorable.
(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – June 2004)

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One Response to “The Surprise Date (Creative Date Ideas)”
  1. Rhonda says:

    “Surprise” dates can be great but make sure you know it is something your date will really enjoy. I had a friend who once planned a surprise date and spent money on lining things up only to find out his date absolutely hated the city he planned to take her to and she refused to go. She had such bad memories of that city that it actually killed their relationship. (I’m not sure how he didn’t know what her reaction was going to be. Some bad events really stay with a person and shouldn’t be discounted or minimized by others.)

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