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Glow Sticks at the Beach (Creative Date Ideas)


Plan a late night trip to the beach with your date. In advance, go to a party store and buy a couple of glow sticks. When you arrive at the beach, present your partner with one of the glow sticks, light them up and have fun! You’ll find that throwing the glow sticks to/at each other and in the air is quite fun and a neat visual. But in addition, you can throw the glow sticks into the ocean waves and they’ll wash back up. It’s like playing fetch with the ocean. You throw it and the waves bring it back. The light from the glow stick in the water is also quite enjoyable to watch. Just be sure to pick up and properly dispose of your glow stick when you’re ready to leave. While at the beach, enjoy the opportunity to sit down and have a good talk.
(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – June, 2004)

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One Response to “Glow Sticks at the Beach (Creative Date Ideas)”
  1. Rhonda says:

    Glow sticks are fun no matter where you use them. We use to take them to bars and put them in our beer bottles, they were always a hit. Also a good way to get people to come over and talk to you if you are somewhere alone (single). Have an extra glow stick in case you meet someone you’d like to give one to.

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