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Creative Date Idea – Home Movie Theater Night


(Online Dating Newsletter) Going to the movie theater to watch a film is a common enjoyable date activity, but why not add some creativity to the common idea of a movie date? Create a movie theater right in your own living room as a fun and pleasant surprise for your partner! Here’s how:

Prepare your partner for the date by sending them a ticket stub that you have created, either by mail or by dropping it off at their home or work. Make sure you let them know the ticket is redeemable at your house on the day and hour of your planned date. When your date arrives, answer the door in a suit or red vest (similar to those taking tickets at a real movie theater). Take your date’s ticket stub and proceed with them to the “concession stand” where you will have popcorn, soda (in the plastic cups), and candy available to them “free of charge”. Make sure the area where you are going to watch the DVD is set up for optimum viewing, perhaps with extra pillows on the couch or dimmed lights to give that movie theater feel. Choose a movie that you think your date would enjoy versus one you would prefer and give your date a “refill” of popcorn or soda, as they need it, throughout the evening.

This date idea is not only fun and creative, it will also make your date feel extra special because it requires extra effort, lots of attention toward your partner, and additional thought on your part.
(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter – originally published on March 30, 2005  –

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4 Responses to “Creative Date Idea – Home Movie Theater Night”
  1. Noel says:

    Here’s an even better upside to this date: If you end up making out (since there’s no one else around), you can just pause the movie and continue watching later. Beats the cinemas every time.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Great idea. I personally hate watching movies at the theater, there are always idiots who make noise, bring their crying babies, get up repeatedly to go to the bathroom or buy food, and it is always colder than I like. Why should I have to wear a jacket to enjoy a movie I paid $8 to see?

  3. presli says:

    I used to make “movie dates” at home before with my girlfriends, but i’ve never done something like that with all the extra things like tickets etc etc. I think that this part is really interesting and it would really make your girl feel special, because you did all this for her :) I really like that kind of date and i would totally try it sometime.
    Probably the movie will stay unwatched, because when she see how much effort i put in doing all of this for her, we will just skip it and go to the “make out” part :D

  4. krm25 says:

    This is a very good idea. I will try it out. A date that will follow this scenario will be a successful date from all points of view. Of course, the selection of the movie is one of the most important parts.

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